Welcome to Gothic Cinema Theater, where the house lights never come up and the trailers cut themselves. Tonight, we're watching six of our favorite gothic movies all in a row. Warning to some of our more sensitive patrons: It's going to be morning by the time this marathon ends, so prepare yourself for some brief exposure to sunlight. Your usher will provide you with some complimentary sunblock/eye-shadow on request. Have a good night!


"The Seventh Victim"

First up, we have a horror classic from an era when "gothic" meant, like, "Wuthering Heights." Still, this movie should be right up our dark, Cure-listening alley. The character of Jacqueline Gibson, the girl who goes missing after getting involved in a Satanic cult, is kind of a proto-goth. And there's lots of dark and creepy sequences in long alleyways and corridors, and for you film buffs out there, a scene that in some ways predicts the famous shower sequence in "Psycho."



Here's a movie a few more of you might remember. Winona Ryder's character is something of a goth heroine, and the plot about ghosts messing with a bunch of insufferable yuppies should resonate with all of you in the audience who ever had to go to the lame mall with your parents. And let's talk Beetlejuice himself: A horrifying, anarchic cartoon character, who does whatever he wants including inflicting violent mayhem. He's like the dad you wish you had!


"Edward Scissorhands"

Another gothic favorite directed by Tim Burton and starring Winona Ryder, this time as the love interest to the titular Mr. Scissorhands, so named because he has scissors instead of hands. He's also got long, stringy black hair and scars from where he (accidentally) cuts himself so all in all this is a very sympathetic hero. Plus he was created by a scientist played by Vincent Price, who I know many of you see as a father figure. Try not to cry too loudly, this is a movie theater.


"The Crow"

Here's a movie that will satisfy your craving for high-octane martial arts thrills, assuming that any of you are capable of feeling such a thing. The movie stars Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) as a rock star who is murdered but continues to roam the streets with his sprit animal (a crow) and tries to avenge his death while wearing white and black makeup and generally just looking awesome.


"Donnie Darko"

Ah, here we go. The movie so many of you came to see. The time-travel plot would require a degree in metaphysics to explain, but suffice it to say there's a lot of teenage alienation and a giant scary rabbit. Sounds pretty cool, right? It's a goth classic, and one that doesn't do that thing where the main character gets all happy and lame at the end. Plus you can watch it a million times and still not understand what the hell is happening in it.


"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

For our final film of the night, we thought it would be a good idea to close with something a little light. But don't worry, just because this is an animated comedy musical doesn't mean it's short on gothic atmosphere. The bulk of the action takes place in "Halloweentown," AKA the place most of you would abandon all of your loved ones to live. And the songs are so catchy! Have a bad day, everybody!