Being a gangster looks like a whole lot of fun, but after a while it must get pretty tiresome having to watch your back to make sure that you don't break a silly law and then get caught for murder. Of course, these guys' reigns of terror have to end some time, and there is always a hero who stands above them at the end after having taken their power away. Here are six gangster heroes who took down the mob.

Eliot Ness, "The Untouchables"

Ness pitted his wits against Al Capone, probably the most infamous mob boss to ever walk the streets, and came out on top! Sure, he didn't actually shoot him down and only caught him committing tax evasion, but it was enough to put him away for eleven years. Still, probably would've been nice to have at least grazed him with a bullet.

Henry Hill, "Goodfellas"

Henry was the architect of his downfall, with his penchant for drugs and other narcotic substances leading the FBI to easily capture him and threaten the gangster with a life time of imprisonment. Instead, Henry ratted out his friends and got away scot free, his name now synonymous with treachery and betrayal.

Nikolai, "Eastern Promises"

Viggo Mortenson's Nikolai is a pretty tricky guy. He infiltrates himself into a Russian gang by working alongside the British government. But after the death of the leader of the mafia, Nikolai himself becomes the new boss, and we are left to wonder how he will use his new position of power.

Billy and Dignam, "The Departed"

Leonardo DiCaprio's stellar performance as the undercover police officer sees him tear apart Jack Nicholson's Boston mafia, but when he finds out that Matt Damon's detective has been working for the mob, he tries to uncover his treachery, only to be killed on his way to do so. Mark Wahlberg's Dignam saves the day in the final scene by shooting Damon between the eyes, and all ends well. It's just that there is a lot of blood.

Mr. Orange, "Reservoir Dogs"

All these guys wanted to do was rob a bank-how could it be so hard? Well, Tim Roth's undercover agent is shot in the belly, and then all of a sudden each member of the gang loses their trust in one another. Finally, they're caught and surrounded by the police, leaving Harvey Keitel in one almighty sticky situation.

Clarence and Alabama, "True Romance"

A love story like no other, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette are the loved up couple who travel across the country with Christopher Walken's mafia boss in tow. An almighty shoot off sees just the two of them survive with a whole lot of money and a bright future ahead.