The fraternity life is chock full of all the good things about college: drinking heavily, girls, drug use, skipping class, taking stupid dares, and destroying things. Did we mention girls? Anyway, due to the fond memories so many of us have of college and so many in college are experiencing, there are a number of excellent frat movies that have been made over the years to reflect this excellent time in many men's lives. Sixx of the best frat movies that will bring you back to your college days are listed below.

"Old School."


What could more directly transport men to their college days then a movie about a group of married, adult guys who set up their own frat house on the side? The first of many epic Todd Phillips comedies, "Old School" mostly stands out for truly launching the comedic genius of Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. It also has Jeremy Piven playing the dean of the school, opposite from his role in "PCU" as a bit of an inside joke. Plus, shoe-horning Snoop Dogg into a movie is pretty much always a recipe for success.

"Animal House."


There is no frat movie better than "Animal Housem" and a lot of big guys will probably hurt you if you disagree. With one of the finest comedic casts of any comedy, this movie is known as John Belushi's masterpiece, playing a messy, alcoholic beast of a man named Bluto who wore sweaters that said things like 'College.' It's an utter classimc with the final climactic scene at the town parade where all hell breaks loose standing out. And, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the heavy drinking and the toga party.

"National Lampoon's Van Wilder."

One of the newer films to be considered a classic frat movie, "Van Wilder" starred a young Ryan Reynolds and was basically Ferris Bueller for frat boys. It helped to key up Ryan Reynold's successful career, despite the many terrible romantic comedies he has starred in. It's a fun, funny movie where everything works out in the end, as it usually does for frat boys. In real life, you'd have to think that spending a decade or so at school would at least land you on academic probation.

"Revenge of the Nerds."


While this film began as a sort of anti-frat movie, it has become popular among frats over the years, as it mocks and reveals all the fun parts of college in a nostalgic way. This is one of those comedies where you can laugh at and with the protagonists. In truth, there is a nerd in all of us, so we all identify. It may be just another "plucky underdogs beat the establishment" movies, but dammit, it's a good one.



One of the funnier, more underrated frat films, "PCU" tells the story of a visiting pre-frosh who is brought into a wild house that lives by it's own rules. Think of it as a sort of "Animal House" for the younger generation. It also stars Jeremy Piven in his funniest role until he became Ari in "Entourage." Watch for cameos from a young, pre-directorial Jon Favreau, and even an appearance by George Clinton!

"Rules of Attraction."


Perhaps one of the darkest, edgiest, and most sinisterly funny visions of the college experience, "Rules of Attraction" follows kids from all walks of life at a private college as they drink, do drug,s and sleep with each other, among other things. It's also from the twisted mind of Bret Easton Ellis, who brought us "American Psycho," among other incredibly disturbing yet funny books. So take it with a grain of salt and then maybe a tequila shot!