Many of us like to imagine ourselves in pressure-filled, life-saving situations. We want to believe we would act with intelligence, courage and quickness in a pressure situation that would allow us to perform at our best when someone’s life is on the line. Firefighters don’t have to imagine. They are under pressure to perform on an every-day basis. Women get turned on when they see men perform under pressure and these 6 firefighter movies help explain why these public servants get all the chicks.


"Ladder 49" (2004)



Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is a probationary Baltimore firefighter under the watchful eye of Mike Kennedy (John Travolta). Morrison becomes a top-notch firefighter who has a knack for putting himself in risky situations and still coming out intact. However, the pressure of the job puts his marriage under great duress and when he goes into one fire too many, Kennedy has to figure out a way to save Morrison.


"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" (2007)


Chuck Levine (Adam Sandler) is a firefighter who is good at his job and very successful with the ladies. When he saves his co-worker Larry Valentine’s (Kevin James) life, Valentine wants to pay him back. Valentine is a widower who wants to make sure his children can receive his benefits. To do this, he enters a domestic partnership with Chuck – even though both men are straight.



"Always" (1989)


Pete Sandich (Richard Dreyfuss) is an aerial forest fire fighter. He is known for his daredevil ways and has proved to be excellent at his difficult job. However, when he falls in love with Dorinda (Holly Hunter), he is under pressure to change his ways and become a little more under control and less of a risk taker. When he takes his final risk, Dorinda must grieve for him.


"Roxanne" (1987)


In this modern version of Cyrano de Bergerac, firefighter C.D. Bales (Steve Martin) falls in love with the stunning Roxanne (Darryl Hannah). However, instead of proudly proclaiming his love for her, he is ashamed because of his prominent proboscis. He knows how to write impressive love letters and speak in a positive voice, but he needs to find the courage to face his love despite his big nose.


"Firestorm" (1998)


Firefighter Jesse Graves (Howie Long) is a brave and dedicated professional. However, his abilities and courage are put to the test when he has to save beautiful Jennifer (Suzy Amis) when she and several others are trapped in a forest fire. The fire was started by a convicted killer who is trying to get his hands on $37 million.


"Backdraft" (1991)



Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin) is born to be a firefighter. His father was a Chicago firefighter who died on the job and his older brother Steven (Kurt Russell) also joined the force. When Brian comes on board, he is something of a show-off and a head case. His older brother knows that Brian’s attitude is a detriment on the job and needs him to show some maturity before it’s too late. The tempestuous relationship between the two brothers is the focus of much of the movie’s action – along with the dramatic action sequences.