6 Films Besides ‘Breaking Dawn’ That Will Probably Give You Seizures

Tuesday, November 29 by

Moulin Rouge

While Moulin Rouge isn’t as aggressive in its editing as Requiem, the use of brilliant colors and spastic camerawork, most notably in the can-can scene, allows the viewer to feel like they’re being run over by chorus lines of dancers, all wearing flying and bright dresses. It’s unsettling even on subsequent views, presumably all the more so when projected on a theater screen.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This film can be expected to give viewers seizures the same way certain drugs would, if only because that’s the look they were going for in certain scenes. Director of Photography Nicola Pecorini used different effects like long tunnel shots, shaky cams, and melting images to convey the effects of individual drugs, an effect that any viewer of the film would have to admit is pretty successful. Light levels increase and decrease in shots, and LSD-related scenes offer up wide shots with melting images that morph from color to color.

Basically, you’re getting all the visual effects of drugs with none of the awesome feelings. That’s enough to make anyone seize.

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