6 Films Besides ‘Breaking Dawn’ That Will Probably Give You Seizures

Tuesday, November 29 by
Kristen Stewart's incessant twitching is probably to blame.  

Well, Twilight is now making people sick in the literal sense, and not just the metaphorical fashion. Dozens of theatergoers have reported having seizures during the infamous “birth” scene, which features cuts of intense gore juxtaposed with brilliant flashes of light. The result is a theater full of people mumbling and shaking, which is pretty much what I expected a Twilight audience to be anyway, so it sounds like a lateral move.

It is surprising that a PG-13 film can incorporate gore in such a fashion that it makes audiences physically seize. It’s actually shocking that this doesn’t happen more often. There have been reports of this type of fallout from Japanese cartoons (a la The Simpsons) and even a promotional video for the London 2012 Olympics, but nothing so widespread.

If Twilight was able to make people flip out, it’s pretty mind-blowing that several other visually-disturbing films weren’t able to have the same effect. Here are a few that come to mind.

Speed Racer

If Pokemon was able to cause a stir with its visuals, I would think that the Wachowski Brothers’ adaptation would have sent entire nations to an early grave with its non-stop chromatic assault during race scenes. Also, I’ve been told that a growing number of people have been developing averse reactions to Emile Hirsch, but that’s been unsubstantiated to this point.

If you ever wondered how you would fare if you were shrunk and trapped inside a pinball machine, give Speed Racer a spin and see for yourself.

Requiem for a Dream

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