6 Fictional Retailers That Are Probably Better Than Best Buy

Monday, November 28 by

Foree Electronics

Ok, this store might actually be worse than a Best Buy, if only because my experiences with British electronics stores haven’t been great, but if you have no supersweet American benchmarks for comparison, why WOULDN’T you want to go to Shaun of the Dead’s Foree, where the employees all text and take phone calls during staff meetings (and presumably during their customer interactions). But they also all have such delightful English accents, and they wear short-sleeve shirts with ties, just like Sipowicz does.

So if you’re in the market for an electric kettle, or a telly to watch the cricket match, go Foree or bust. If you’re stateside, just go to a Best Buy. But don’t expect the employees to be wearing ties.

Buy More

Aside from the high-pressure name,  Buy More is pretty much like a Best Buy, going so far as to even have a “Nerd Herd” tech services division, versus the real retailer’s “Geek Squad.” I don’t know much about Buy More, but I do know that Chuck was a semester away from graduating from Stanford when he joined Buy More, I would say that three-and-a-half years at Stanford is probably tantamount to the entire educational pedigree of a Circuit City staff, so this guy probably knows what he’s talking about. The fact that he’s a spy or assassin or something doesn’t interest me. What does interest me is being able to count on him showing up every morning. Or at least as frequently as a Frye’s employee does.

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