6 Fictional Retailers That Are Probably Better Than Best Buy

Monday, November 28 by

S Mart

Any big-box retailer, even one that clearly is based on the lackluster Kmart, skyrockets to the top of my list when they make a gutsy human resources decision to hire Ash from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise.

Also, judging from this clip, they sell guns that hold an unlimited number of bullets, which differentiates them from the “other guys.” Granted nobody would like to be shot by an employee or mauled by a witch while shopping for consumer electronics, but no one wants a boring shopping experience either, so choose your poison.

So shop smart. Shop S Mart.


Well, it’s pretty clear that this store isn’t hurting the customer service department, especially if you’re a hot girl. While the staff is plenty attentive, you do run the risk of a salesperson drunkenly screaming into the TV displays, then videotaping their ass for the entire store to see, but that’s really just part of SmartTech’s charm. You never know what you’re going to get at SmartTech, aside from sexually harassed. The 40 Year-Old Virgin should actually spin off this concept and see how rich Judd Apatow can get.

Also, I find their Michael McDonald shopping soundtrack to be just delightful.

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