6 Fictional Retailers That Are Probably Better Than Best Buy

Monday, November 28 by
Shoplifters beware - these stores are not for you.  

Black Friday has come and gone with a whole mess of opportunistic shoppers getting trampled by a whole mess of more powerful opportunistic shoppers. It’s pretty clear that the retailers that allow this madness to go on during the holidays are not just greedy, but possibly negligent. However, that’s not the worst of it. Despite low prices, the lack of help you receive when shopping in many big box retailers is the real crime. It seems to be a constant trade-off. Do you want low prices or good service? Do you want an intuitive store layout, or do you not want to be trampled by the welfare lady behind you?

Give and take, give and take.

Well, since the real world doesn’t offer the perfect chain, let’s turn our attention and hopes to the world of cinema and television, in which children can fly, love conquers all, and salespeople aren’t all slacker mouth-breathers. Here are a few stores that probably do it better than Best Buy or Frye’s.

Mega Lo Mart

In the Simpsons episode “Bart Be Not Proud,” Bart gets caught stealing Bonestorm, only to be subjected to the greatest punishment of all, “Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. We are also privy to the inner workings of Try-N-Save, a generic big box retailer that offers portraits, video games, and a crack security team that doesn’t take crap from any punk kids. While I can’t speak to the level of customer service that Try-N-Save offers, I can say that Dan Brodka (an ex-Marine, judging by the tat) is a cut above regular security guards, and I would be proud to share a foxhole at the Mall of America with him any time.

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