Terrorism is an ugly word these days and you immediately throw up a frown when you hear the term 'Eco-Terrorism'—although this term can elicit happiness and drum circles from peace-seeking hippies. An eco-terrorist is a person that sabotages the destruction of the environment. Remember that chick who lived in a tree for two years? That is a mild form of eco-terrorism. If you think that corperations are people, then eco-terrorism might not be for you. If you think that trees have feelings, then you should probably watch these six movies.


"Gorillas in the Mist"

This is based on the true story of Dian Fossey. She was an American woman who devoted her life to the study of primates and it drove her into the depths of Africa where she integrated with rare mountain gorillas. She began to eco-terrorize the efforts of poachers in the area and as a result the local governments shunned her. Eventually she was murdered in her own home, but not before a valiant effort to protect her gorillas.


"Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist"

Save the whales, especially from Japanese fishing vessels. That's what the famous Sea Shepherd vessel does. This docu-drama takes you alongside Captain Paul Watson as he and his crew follow fishing vessels in international waters. They use non-violent means to deter whalers and argue the benefits of vegetarian versus vegan diets.


"Medicine Man"

Sean Connery is an eccentric doctor in the rainforest and also discovers the cure for cancer. The cure happens to be a chemical in a specific species of ant that only lives in his section of the jungle. A big, evil corporation comes to clear the rainforest with tractors and Sean fights back. It results in an explosion, the death of the ants, and the ruin of his village. Bummer.


"The Cove"

This documentary highlights Japan's atrocious Taiji dolphin massacres. The act of eco-terrorism in this film is the documentation of the cruelty. Fisherman annually lure and round up hundreds of dolphins into a cove in Taiji. Then, they brutally murder them. The company responsible keeps the cove secret, but Louie Psihoyos uses some sneakery to film the blood bath. The documentary exposed Japanese lies about the killings and brought tough sanctions down on the Japanese fishing industry.


"Free Willy"

Yup, "Free Willy" makes the list. Willy is an Orca whale that is caught and brought to an amusement park. The owner of the park stumbles across a little boy named Jesse who has a unique relationship with the animal. He plans to have a Jesse and Willy show, but Jesse ends up busting Willy out of jail. Now that's eco-terrorism.



Classic hippie-fest. An environment-loving tribe of giant blue guys wage an eco-terrorfest on a corporation out to mine their homeland and make profits. Before the terror begins they make a hand circle around the tree of life.