Until they finally release those Area 51 jet packs for public consumption, here are six earthquake movies that will make you fear the ground you’re on. In the meantime, all you can do is work on your vertical jump or hope N.A.S.A. comes back around again.

“Earthquake”. The star power alone is worth a watch, but the effects and models are incredible in “Earthquake”. Ground shaking and buildings crumbling, this movie gives true power to the effects of a giant earthquake. Window washers fall to their deaths just outside Lorne Green’s office in a simple scene that doesn’t need to show the end result to make you twist inside as you contemplate the terror of that kind of quake.

“Aftershock”. Beginning with a mother's terrible choice after an earthquake, “Aftershock” slowly leads you through a story of anger, sadness and ultimately forgiveness. An emotionally gripping film that finds life in both the overt and the subtle acts, this earthquake flick will make you fear more than the broken buildings, but also the choices an earthquake forces humanity to make. Watching a man fall to supposed safety only to have an electrical pole crush him is a scene that will stick with you for quite some time.

“2012”. You might start out cheering for the collapse of the roads and bridges as the California earthquake hunts John Cusack and family with an almost single minded focus, but applying the terror to yourself can change things dramatically. Once you envision yourself out there on those streets, attempting to get away from the destruction, the goose bumps and tightened orifices aren’t far away. With enough destruction to satiate even the most hardened of doomsday lovers, “2012” smashes the Earth up like a toddler let loose in a Pixie stick factory.

“Megafault”. The Earth, fed up with getting penetrated with explosives without anyone buying it dinner, gives humanity a love tap back in “Megafault”. Chaos, pain, fire and death ensue while scientists get their personal grooves on to stop this giant fault from splintering the earth. This is a fun earthquake movie that’ll make you a bit more paranoid about Earth’s survival every time your neighbor falls off her Rascal scooter. Despite the alternating mixture of cool and weak CGI, there is a fairly intense scene in which a trucker almost casually mentions that they're sitting on a considerable amount of fuel while trying to escape from a sundering crack.

“Crack in the World”. The earth is really hard to escape from-just ask E.T. and that spooky cat from “The Cat from Outer Space”. Barring a U.F.O parked in your garage, when the earth shakes, there is no place to run. “Crack in the World” goes further than your average earthquake movie, as the scientists working towards a geothermal energy solution end up cracking the Earth, literally breaking a piece of it off into space. The crack spawns earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but it’s not until you see squirrels running for cover from the resultant fires that you realize you should fear the ground you tread upon.

“Draquila: Italy Trembles”. Not content with simply showing the terrible physical effects of an earthquake in Italy, “Draquila: Italy Trembles” brings to light the numerous political maneuverings and horrible glee that officials took in using the earthquake as a way to abuse their power. This earthquake movie goes after the political aftershocks, which appear to be almost as damaging as the physical ones and just as scary. Guzzanti, playing the role of Burlusconi, is a highlight when he plays up the "rankings" of the earthquake to a crowd.