It’s pretty obvious why dragon movies are so sweet—because they have dragons in them. Even though these creatures are terrifying as hell and probably never even existed, we still want them to be real. It’s similar to the whole weird zombie obsession. Below are some of the best dragon movies, some of which you probably have never seen.


“Spirited Away”

A kid’s Japanamation film that has been well-reviewed by everyone who has seen it, “Spirited Away” is one of the coolest and more unique dragon movies out there. The best part about it is that you can be just about any age and still really enjoy it.


“How To Train Your Dragon”

Another excellent dragon movie that was meant for kids and adults alike, though you probably ignored it because you thought it was just another dumb animated film. It’s not and it might be one of the best movies you’ve never seen.


“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

Weren’t a fan of the Harry Potter franchise? You might be after you see this installment in the billion dollar beast, as it has a dragon which plays a key role in the young wizards’ training. Meaning a number of incredibly awesome scenes.


“Pete’s Dragon”

Another kids dragon movie from the 70’s mixes live action and an animated dragon. Yes, it’s for kids, but it’s Disney and is one of the least known great Disney films out there. A perfect family movie for dragon lovers.



As the title suggests, this is a fantasy film where people must be protected from dragons. Even though it was made in 1981, the visual effects still hold up today as the film was nominated for an academy award in this category. And the story isn’t bad either, complete with wizards and such.


“Dragon Wars”

This movie is terrible, which is probably why you have never seen it. That and it’s from South Korea, which makes it more difficult to see. But the dragons who destroy the city in it are incredible to watch, making it at least worthy of having on in the background at a party.