University life is a mixture of learning, boozing, and very little else, after which you’ll have earned yourself a piece of paper that will mean absolutely nothing to the outside world once you have walked out of there. Still, surely dorm life has got to be fun…right? Well, check out these six movie dorms that lied to every incoming freshman and dream of the possibilities in store for you on campus.


“Love Story”

Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw’s romantic courtship is often touted as one of the greatest in cinema history. But don’t go getting any crazy ideas that this epic tale of love will happen to you, and if it does you’d probably be best off not watching the last half of the movie.


“Legally Blonde”

Anyone would think it was quite easy to gain entry to Harvard and excel as a law student; such is the ease Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods finds it. Backed up by her rag-tag group of dorm friends, don’t expect your life and studies to be so simple.


“Animal House”

Sometimes the party just has to stop. Yes, the Toga soirees are fun at the time but at some point you’ve got to settle down and learn something!


“Old School”

Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Luke Wilson appear to be a trio of upstanding citizens whose knowledge and experience would help any student in a time of crisis. Wrong. Turns out they’re up to so much debauchery that they’ll probably end up getting you expelled.



This 2006 comedy sees several students set up their own fake college after getting rejected from every school they’ve applied too, in an attempt to extort money from their parents. Subsequently they end up running the school and everything progresses in a fun manner. It’s not quite the way things really work.


“The Social Network”

Every dorm possesses a smart, preppy guy who is a whiz on computers and comes in handy at some point. Turns out though that he’s actually a bit of a dick but could end up making you billions of dollars. It’s probably best if you just keep your mouth shut and be-friend him.