6 Domestic Violence Movies That Are Hard To Watch

Thursday, March 15 by Stu Moody

"When No One Would Listen"

Lifetime Movies are famous for their skewed movies that paint all men as horrible people, but in the case of "When No One Would Listen," the husband in question is absolutely awful. This movie is actually based on the real story of Pamela and David Guenther. Pamela left her husband after she and her son suffered years of abuse, and later David hunted her down and murdered her. The theme of the movie is that many times claims of abuse are dismissed by ignorant people, and that sometimes the justice system fails. Fortunately, attitudes are beginning to change, and stories like this are the reason.


"Once Were Warriors"

If "Sleeping With The Enemy" glosses over some of violence in domestic abuse, "Once Were Warriors" strips away the veneer and takes a hard look at its brutality. The movies based on the book by the same name, is chock-full of scenes of abuse, which is pervasive in the small family that lives in Auckland New Zealand. Among the worst scenes is the one in which the family patriarch, Jake, brutally attacks his wife at a family gathering. The whole movie is tough to watch, but that scene in particular stands out.


"Domestic Violence"

domestic violence film.jpg

Frederick Wiseman has produced a number of great documentaries, but his 2001 film, aptly titled "Domestic Violence," is often heralded as one of his best. The film is remarkably stripped down and minimalist, featuring no narration or bells and whistles. Instead, Wiseman lets his camera do the work, letting the women in a Florida women's shelter tell their stories. Each woman's tale is terrible in its own way, and anyone who sees the film will never forget the terrible things that have happened to these women.

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