6 Danny Trejo Characters We Would Cross The Street To Avoid

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I yield! I yield! 

In an effort to counteract all the Hunger Games talk that’s been plaguing the entertainment news sector over the past two weeks or so, we at Screen Junkies would like to take things in the other direction. That decision begged the question, “What (or who) is the opposite of Katniss Everdeen?” It took about fifteen seconds to arrive at the answer, which, of course, was “Danny Trejo.”

If there was an actual Hollywood Hunger Games, Danny Trejo would be such a heavy favorite to win that I don’t think bookies would even take bets. The guy is badass through and through. He’s become something of a fanboy icon in the past decade, but even before that, he was just known as the really tough Mexican guy that you were scared to even make eye contact with onscreen.

Bartender – From Dusk Till Dawn

Trejo makes for a very fitting face of the Mexican biker/trucker/vampire bar the Titty Twister. After giving the boot to Keitel and company for not being truckers nor bikers, he is one to listen to reason when Harvey presents him with his commercial drivers license. However, the reason doesn’t last long. Once the band plays, all hell breaks loose and the hulking Danny Trejo turns into super-hulking Danny Trejo, until he’s laid down by Clooney and Co. in one of the most delightfully random heel-turns in modern movies.

Bartender – Anchorman

He plays a no-nonsense bartender pretty damn well. Well enough that even his few lines in the film don’t only convey his badass nature, but show that he’s pretty enlightened in telling Ron that he’s gotta wake up to the gender equality movement that’s going on.

While the phrase “warrior poet” gets thrown around a lot these days, screw it: He’s a warrior poet.

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