Ever watch a movie featuring a character who was, shall we say, a bit on the feminine side? Not that there's anything wrong with that (trademark "Seinfeld"). You could swear that the character is gay, right? But you never get confirmation, never get that "Aha!" moment known as "coming out of the closer." Well today, we're gonna clear up the ambiguity and give these characters the push they need to embrace who they truly are! Behold, the six gay movie characters who never came out of the closet.


1. Otho ("Beetlejuice")

They stopped just short of saying Otho preferred the company of men. He had an exaggerated, flamboyant manner of speaking, though thankfully he wasn't given a lisp. Still, the evidence speaks for itself: fashion-forward, a knack for interior decoration, a dark, sarcastic beat...all fit the mold.


2. Duckie ("Pretty In Pink")

In a different world, or at least a later decade, Duckie would have been made into the supportive gay friend for Molly Ringwald to lean on in times of trouble. As it is, he's a free-spirited dude with an eccentric fashion sense who loves to dance his heart out. Not a lot of straight men would have the guts to pull off Duckie's style, so kudos to him for taking chances. Be proud, dude.


3. Mickey ("Rocky")

It's true. Oh, sure, he may not have the off-beat mannerisms of some of the other guys on this list. But what does that prove? Not every gay man is a walking stereotype. Mickey isn't married and he doesn't have kids. That by itself might just mean that he's cranky and unlovable, but add in the fact that he hangs out with sweaty, muscular dudes all day and, well...you get the idea.


4. Iceman ("Top Gun")

This movie is almost an out-and-out make pornographic film with Iceman and Maverick as its leads. Iceman seems to spend a third of this movie clad only in a towel making snide remarks and smirking innuendos at Tom Cruise. And what about the volley ball scene? Good gravy, what about the volley ball scene?!


5. Baby-O ("Con Air")

If it weren't for Nic Cage's "Cameron Poe" being married, it'd be him in this spot instead of Baby-O. Given that these men are convicts doing heavy bits, it's not outside the realm of possibility that they loved the one they were with during their time away. Plus, his long looks of concern at Nic Cage seemed to hint at something deeper, right?


6. The Riddler ("Batman Forever")

This entry almost contained a simple "'nuff said," and nothing more. The whole Batman rogue's gallery smacks of repressed feelings and flamboyance, but Jim Carrey's Riddler is a cut above. The wild hair, the mask, the cane, and the neon green spandex...really, 'nuff said.