Christmas is for kids. Or so that's what we've been told. However, everybody knows that Christmas is something celebrated by most of us from birth to death. That means there are going to be adult Christmas celebrations, as well as the kiddie kind. Sure, there are all those animated Christmas specials with talking snow guys and red-nosed animals. Hollywood also has more mature comedies, too. Here are some of the best of these. (Not recommended for the little ones).


"Bad Santa"


The mythical Santa is a kind of god-like figure. We can't imagine him having even a mean bone in his body. In this film, Billy Bob Thornton plays a hard-drinking department store Santa. He's also a thief. Don't show this to the children unless you want their image of Santa Clause ruined for life. Highlights include excessive fornication, cursing, and self-urination. Hilarity ensues, but it's not for the kiddies.


"Love Actually"



"Love Actually" is not actually about Christmas, so much as it takes place during Christmas. It follows love through the lens of ten different stories. It's all about relationships, grown-up relationships. The young ones won't get much of it, but adults will certainly relate. That is, provided they enjoy another addition to the "rom-com" genre. If that's the case, then saddle up and prepare to laugh.





"Trading Places"




Dan Akroyd plays a wealthy guy forced to live as a poor dude, and Eddie Murphy's character gets upgraded from the slums to the penthouse. This '80s comedy shows what happens when people's lives are played with. Lived out during Christmas, it's a grown-up comedy that also helps folks focus on what's really important in life. Eddie Murphy during the 1980s wasn't known for being very PG, so this flick won't work for the whole family. That is, unless your family is all adults now.



"Christmas Vacation"



Chevy Chase leads the National Lampoon gang through this Christmas romp. He's obviously clueless, as usual, and--if nothing else--this comedy shows you how to not do Christmas. It's rude and crude, which makes it not exactly safe for the whole family. People place high value on family vacations. Yet in truth, these trips don't always turn out all that well. This movie has achieved almost classic status recently, but that doesn't change the fact that a few F-Bombs get dropped.



"It's a Wonderful Life"

While Jimmy Stewart's character is the head of a household in this story, this is a pretty heavy subject. It considers what might happen if a guy was never born at all. It also finds Stewart's character attempting suicide. There's a lot of consideration of finances and society philosophy that young ones simply won't get. There's also plenty of humo --especially with Stewart's angel--in this Frank Capra film.


"The Apartment"


This 1961 Billy Wilder comedy focuses on inter office one night stands, which is not exactly child's play. The Apartment in question is the place where a single guy lets his male and female co-workers use for their various sexual encounters. It all winds up happily on Christmas, as at least a few of these characters come to their senses.