The nation -- no, Planet Earth -- was rocked last week by the news that John Travoltamight not be straight. As you are surely aware, the story broke when a masseur filed a lawsuit claiming Travolta offered sex in exchange for cash and fondled the man's penis and scrotum. Fuel was added to the fire hours later when a second masseur came forward claiming that Travolta touched his anus. The case is pending, and the first masseur has already been dropped by his attorney after it was discovered that Travolta was out of town on the date the alleged incident supposedly took place.

Maybe it's all BS. However if there is a takeaway in all of this, it is that it's probably a good idea to use Purell after shaking hands with John Travolta. Just to be safe. Every job has its hazards as I'm sure massage professionals are well aware. John Travolta isn't the first celebrity to be wrapped up in a sex scandal with a professional body rubber. In fact, here are five notable men who have rubbed a massage therapist the wrong way.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner (who takes awesome pictures) found himself in trouble in 2006 after receiving a massage at the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland. The masseuse alleges that Costner performed a solo sex act while in her presence. She alleged that he "kept putting his hand underneath his towel', and when she began to massage his head he "grabbed her wrist forcefully, whipped off his towel and exposed himself'. The case went away when the woman received an out-of-court settlement.

Al Gore

Though she never named him by name, a Portland massage therapist called her friend hours after being sexually-assaulted by "someone in the higher ups." It was actually the friend of the victim who alleged the attacker was Al Gore. She put two and two together when her friend freaked out upon the news Gore was returning to Portland years later. "She freaked and split. She said her predator was back and coming to town. She up and left," said Donna Burleigh. "She said it was a high authority person who has a lot of power. She was scared of him." Well, yeah. He invented the Internet. Last thing she wants is Anonymous on her ass.

Brett Favre

Things went from bad to worse for Brett Favre after he was caught texting pictures of his ding-dong to New York Jets "Gameday Host" Jenn Sterger. He also pursued and was in turn sued by two of the team's massage therapists. Shortly after massaging Favre, one of the therapists received a text from him inviting her and her colleague back to his hotel room. The messages didn't stop and grew progressively nasty. Upon finding out the therapist was married, Favre apologized. One thing not helping his case? He did the same thing back in Minnesota. Just looking like a fool with his pants on the ground.

Ted Haggard

Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard should have practiced as he preached. In his years of passionately condemning others for their sins, he failed to mention his own passionate sins. That news came courtesy of the masseur and gay prostitute with whom Haggard had been smoking meth and boning for three years. Haggard was forced to retire and was in the news again recently for swapping wives with Gary Busey. On ABC's Wife Swap. Too bad. That would have made for an awesome scandal.

Todd Palin

The circus act that is Sarah Palin's home life may have cost her the opportunity to be Vice President of the United States, and it didn't show any signs of slowing after the election. Palin's husband Todd was implicated in having an affair with a masseuse/prostitute in 2011. The Enquirer first broke the story which made headlines until the Anchorage Police Department adamantly denied Todd Palin had any connection to the prostitution ring. Because if there's one force in Alaska that Sarah Palin can't tell what to do, it's the police.