6 Casino Movies Where The House Finally Lost

Friday, January 13 by Irving Oala


The old saying “the house always wins” is usually true in real life, but when it comes to Hollywood narrative, it’s a lot more fun for an audience if someone can beat the casino that has probably beaten them so many times before. The backdrop of a casino is glitz and glamor, combined with grit and organized crime, making it one of the perfect places for scams to go down. In truth, this may be the only way to beat a casino, though the casino movies listed below show other ways a casino can lose.


“Oceans 11.” This classic casino scam movie and the pretty decent Steven Soderbergh remake are the most well-known casino movies where the house loses big time. With a number of good looking, smooth talking, and well-thought out characters, this is basically “The Sting” set in a casino in Vegas and our heroes get away with it scot-free, against some tough odds.

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