Canadians get ragged on pretty regularly. Americans like to make jokes about hockey, and maple syrup, and a mutant form of football that exists in Canada. Despite this public pummeling, there have been some pretty rocking Canadian characters. These Canucks from TV and Film are all totally awesome, and they probably could play goalie for most professional hockey teams, too!

Terrance and Phillip, "South Park"

"South Park" has used Canada as comic fodder since its inception. The flapping heads and wacky antics of all of the Canadians have elicited plenty of laughs, but Terrance and Phillip have been the best of the best. With their flatulent humor, they've carved out a special place in the rich history of "South Park." They were even the notorious focal point of the "South Park" feature film, with their foul-mouth song being a particular highlight.

Robin Scherbatsky, "How I Met Your Mother"

On top of being pretty damn attractive, Robin is also a snow-white Canadian. Cobie Smulders, the actress behind the character, is Canadian as well, offering a little extra authenticity to the role. She may not be enthralled with the ways of America, but here zealous appreciation for her Canadian heritage is certainly admirable. Plus, being hot helps the situation, right?

Wolverine, "X-Men" franchise

Wolverine, the growling anti-hero of the "X-Men" universe, was born James Howlett in Alberta, Canada. That would probably make him the second most famous Albertan in the world, behind only Bret Hart. But Wolverine is all different kinds of awesome, even before he gets his adamantium skeleton. A good guy at heart, his rough ways have made him a fan favorite to plenty of comic book fans around the world.

Scott Pilgrim, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"

The stereotype that Canadians are weak and meek gets a special kind of treatment in "Scott Pilgrim". Based on a series of comics set in Toronto, Michael Cera plays the title character who has to do battle with a series of his new squeeze's ex-boyfriends. While Scott comes off as a total wimp, he shows his fortitude and fearlessness over the course of the film. Who says Canucks are wimps?

Ben Stone, "Knocked Up"

Illegal immigrant Ben Stone, played by Seth Rogen, is living out his dreams. His dreams apparently consisted of smoking a lot of weed and watching TV, and maybe playing some games and occasionally having sex with a woman. Depending on who you ask, his dreams are either awesome or disgusting. But Ben himself is a good dude, even if it takes him a while to show it. To be fair though, that Katherine Heigl chick seems like a real pain in the ass.

Louis Burke, "Death Warrant"

Jean-Claude Van Damme may be from Brussels, but that's not to say he can't play a member of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Well, okay, he can't play it well, but still, he tried. This movie centers around Van Damme's Louis Burke character being sent to prison undercover to figure out why people are turning up dead, but really it's a double-cross to send him in there so that he can be killed in order to use his blood to help the governor's wife, or something. It's all an excuse to see Van Damme play an awesome Canadian who whoops dudes in jail.