Movies about scouting are not as popular as several other movie themes for young people. However, there are several movies that either feature scouting or use boy scouts as key part of the character’s development. Here are 6 boy scout movies that every man should see.


Scout Camp (2009)


This movie looks at scouting with a bit of a comedic eye. York Hayes (Shawn Carter) goes to scout camp and gets an immediate taste of boy scout life. York gets to learn all about the rules and regulations of Boy Scout camp and it’s a positive movie for anyone who had a scouting experience because it shows that you don’t always have to be serious and that there are plenty of times to laugh at scout camp.


Follow Me, Boys! (1966)


This was the last movie made by Disney Studios before the death of Walt Disney. This movie is about as wholesome as it gets. Lemuel Siddons (Fred MacMurray) is at a bit of a crossroads as he is trying to figure out what to do to fulfill his life. He has designs on becoming a lawyer, and while he is pondering that possibility, he takes a job in a stock room and also decides to become a boy scout leader. As he helps lead the boys in his troop, he realizes that his volunteer work with the boy scouts is fulfilling on its own.


759: Boy Scouts of Harlem (2009)



Directors Jake Boritt and Justin Szlasa wanted to make a documentary when they heard about a successful boy scout operation in Harlem. While resources are not abundant, the troop leaders do an outstanding job of keeping the scouts focused on the most important things that the young scouts will be able to use throughout their lives.


Scouts to the Rescue (1939)



This old film serial featured former Our Gang star Jackie Cooper. In these moiess, Cooper stars as Eagle scout Bruce Scott, who leads younger scouts on a series of adventures. One of the adventures involves finding a treasure map that leads them to a ghost town where they find counterfeit $20 bills and the plates that were used to print theme.


American Beauty (1999)



This movie is about troubled middle-ager Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), who has a bad marriage, a bad job and a serious middle-age crisis. As he lusts after his daughter’s stunning friend Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari) and ruminates on life after smoking high-quality pot, he thinks back on the best parts of his life. One of the most prominent memories is the time he spent as a boy scout during his youth.

Apollo 13 (1995)


The story of an ill-fated flight to the moon that had to be aborted after a major mechanical and electrical malfunction occurred after the mission was underway. Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) headed the mission and when things started to go wrong and it seemed like disaster was imminent, Lovell’s mother Blanche (Jean Speegle Howard) informs all interested parties that her son made Eagle scout as a youth. She implies that her son knows how to keep his cool in difficult situations and that was an underlying theme of the movie.