6 Bounty Hunter Movies That In No Way Resemble Actual Bounty Hunting

Saturday, January 7 by Gregory Wakeman

dog the bounty hunter.jpg

Hiring a bounty hunter often seems like a long and arduous task and an over reaction to a problem. However sometimes words and warnings aren't strong enough and you find yourself needing to employ a big and burly monster to track down and and bring in your enemy. But even though the people who actually enter this business must have some kind of mental deficiency, cinema has managed to turn these characters into some of the coolest people to ever grace the screen. The integrity and aura that they possess means that they simple glide across the screen with every single member of the audience wishing that possessed one iota of their coolness. However the glitzy and glamorous world of the bounty hunter that is shown on screen in no way resembles the actual process that they actually go through and so here are 6 movies that miss the mark completely. 

"The Bounty Hunter."

Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston are two obscenely attractive people. Each of them dress in sublime pieces of clothing and wake up each morning knowing that they can easily seduce any human being in the world. But when most bounty hunters look like "Dog The Bounty Hunter" from the hit A & E reality show, you quickly realize how far the filmmakers have gone wrong. So to see the "300" and "Friends" star grace the seedy and horrible world of the bounty hunter is simply ridiculous but Jennifer Aniston is still really really really pretty.


Domino keira knightly.jpg

I have many of the same problems with "Domino" as I do with the above film. Any of us would long to be arrested by Kiera Knightley and the scene where she is forced to strip and give a prisoner a lap dance seems more like the greatest Christmas present of all time rather than a punishment. On the other hand, If Mickey Rourke had given it ..

"Midnight Run."

Midnight Run robert deniro charles grodin.jpg

For bounty hunters it is the actual catching of the crook which is the hardest part of their job. Yet in "Midnight Run" once Robert De Niro's Jack Walsh has caught his target it is then when all of his problems start to crash in around him. He is forced to deal with mobsters and FBI agents in order to take Charles Grodin across country and my major bone of contention with the bounty hunter world this film presents is that any normal bounty hunter couldn't be bothered to put in that much effort. But for the right price anyone is fallible.

"No Country For Old Men."

By producing one of the most intimidating performances of all time, Javier Bardem's Anton Chirguh manages to make Tommy Lee Jones seem scared. A feat no one ever seemed to think possible.

"The Rundown." 

The Rundown the rock.jpg

The Rock spends over two hours with Sean William Scott and doesn't beat him to death with a tree. Enough said.

"Star Wars Episode IV: Return Of The Jedi."

boba fett.jpg

Bobba Fett is incredible. He only appears for only a short amount of time in episode's five and six of the Star Wars saga and manages to capture Hans Solo in quite a simple manner yet his reputation continues to soar, even to the point that when George Lucas insist on including his father in the further installments of the intergalactic franchise, who of course was nowhere near as cool and mysterious as his bounty hunter offspring. 

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