There is nothing more enthralling in cinema than watching a ticking time bomb slowly work its way down to zero. Of course the device has probably been assembled by a maniacal villain who is hell bent on destroying the world but it is still fun all the same. Many heroes have arrived just in the nick of time to save millions of lives with some even waiting to the very last second to do so. Here are six bomb scenes that end with just one second left.

"Executive Decision"

Kurt Russell stars as David Grant, a United States Naval Academy graduate who looks to intercept a recently hijacked plane. Eventually Grant finds himself aboard the plane and after a series of deaths and murders, Russell's character finds a bomb left aboard the plane by the terrorists and eventually disarms it with a second to spare.


Roger Moore's performances as James Bond are either adored or extremely despised by fans of the franchise. "Octopussyepitomises Moore's Bond with one scene even showing the worlds most famous 007 agent destroying a bomb with one second left whilst dressed as a clown. It's weird, but hey, it got the job done.

"Naked Gun 2 1/2 : The Smell Of Fear"

Frank Drebin is one of the most effective police detectives to ever grace the force. But he often manages to succeed by pure chance. This is most apparent in the sequel to his original police caper where he stops a bomb exploding by accidently tripping up over the power cord that is powering it. It sounds silly, and it is, but for a series that's based on wackiness as much as the "Naked Gun" movies were, it works pretty well.


Another cruise liner drama sees the SS Britannic laced with several barrels of amatol, a highly explosive device, by the evil Juggernaut, all of which will explode at dawn on the following day. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Richard Harris and Omar Shariff, Juggernaut's plan is ultimately foiled by the threesome. But since when does Juggernaut use bombs? Doesn't he have that sweet helmet?

"The Long Kiss Goodnight"

"The Long Kiss Goodnight" is the quintessential "90s" flick. Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson and the film's writer Shane Black (Hawkins in "Predator") were three of the most bankable stars working in Hollywood at the time and this brand of action film were all the rage during the decade. "The Long Kiss Goodnight" sees Davis' Samantha Caine live a seemingly normal life in Pennsylvania but she was previously employed within the CIA and her skills seep out into her normal life. None more so than when she detonates a nuclear bomb with only a second to spare.


John Woo's mesmeric 1997 action film sees John Travolta's FBI agent exchange lives and faces with Nicholas Cage's freelance terrorist. This was done in order for Travolta to find the location of a bomb that Cage's character has planted. His plan does work, but only just, as the time ticks away until the last agonizing second, literally.