"Drive" was, probably, 2010’s greatest movie. It starred two of the greatest actors of modern times, Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, and possessed Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston. Oh yeah, and it was as bloody and gory as a war, which is always good for entertainment purposes. So if you're a fan of Nicolas Winding Refn’s hemorrhaging masterpiece, then you should probably check out these six bloody movies like "Drive."



Poor Carrie. After being voted the prom queen at her high school, Sissy Spacek’s geek finally thinks that she has won the acclaim of her fellow students. But then they pour a bucket of pigs over her on stage in front of the whole school and Carrie is right back to where she started. A blood covered loser.


"Kill Bill"

Uma Thurman’s Bride kills a hoard of suited ninjas with consummate ease in Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, even pulling one of the poor soul's eyes out.  Clearly, you don’t want to get on her bad side.



Paul Krendler’s (Ray Liotta) last supper isn’t the most appetizing. In fact, it's quite nauseating. The notorious sociopath, Hannibal Lecter, removes the top of his skull and then slices off a part of his brain before feeding it to Krendler. Yum-yum.


"Nightmare On Elm Street"

Dragged through his bed by Freddy Kruger, Johnny Depp’s Glenn dies a gruesome death, and his blood is splattered across his ceiling all whilst his mother watches on in horror.



Having spawned a plethora of sequels, it’s easy to forget just how brutal and engrossing the original "Saw" movie was. The most excruciating scene sees Amanda’s head trapped in a reverse bear trap, the key of which is trapped in her dead roommate’s guts. She searches through her guts and manages to find the key just before her head is decimated.


"The Shining"

Stanley Kubrick's dark and seductive masterpiece is mostly remembered for Jack Nicholson’s incredible performance. But it also possesses one of the directors’ most surreal and beautiful scenes when an elevator door opens and releases gallons upon gallons of blood into the hallway of the Overlook Hotel.