6 Asskickingly Over The Top Movies Like The A-Team

Friday, November 25 by Frost

Subtle has its place in film, but so do these six asskickingly over the top movies like”The A-Team.” The normal boundaries don’t just get crossed, they get stomped into fragments that are then fed to packs of radioactive feral dogs, who run off into the horizon. Those prone to fainting and those who are scared of giving blood need not apply to the universe you’re about to enter.

“Shoot ‘Em Up.” Setting the bar for perfection in an over the top movie is “Shoot ‘Em Up.” With a newborn as a main prop, this film delivers action layered on more action and curb stomps your disbelief until you didn’t even realize you’ve suspended it. You know there’s some great action in this film when the tilt-a-whirl scene actually made it into a “Mythbusters” episode. There’s serious ass kicking, enough bullet casings to build a house and a great scene dealing with the laziness of not using your turn signal.

Crank.” Sometimes a movie comes along where you instantly know in your heart that the writers hadn’t slept for days when they came up with the concept, and started throwing down scenes on a fast food napkin. The over the top action starts out crazy and then takes a hard turn into insanity as main character Chev Chelios needs to keep his adrenaline up in order to not pass on to the great beyond. There’s nothing this man won’t do to keep the thrills going and his body running. The hard stops between the action, as Chelios fades from each rush, makes the pacing mimic the deep gasps you take between uphill sprints, and it translates to the audience nicely. What other movie uses a defibrillator so well?

“Attack the Block.” Kids and teens man up under a stoner’s lackadaisical guidance as a portion of the alien invasion manages to land near their government housing unit. With simple looking aliens you might expect to be disappointed, but instead “Attack the Block” makes those aliens a fearful presence, combining them with the ingenuity of the cast in making weapons when they don’t have a spaceship or armory close at hand. Making skates weapon of destruction makes this a perfect over the top movie that kicks enough butts to hold its head high.

“The One.” So someone decided that Jet Li wasn’t impressive enough with his physical speed and skill, so they decided to double him up and throw in some dimensional super powers. Thus “The One” was born. For some sweet, sweet action check out the MRI scan scene where metal just isn’t your friend.

“Ravenous.” This movie is about the supernatural cannibal creature known as the Windigo, and the fallout this creature causes at an 1840s era military fort. Either eat up well before this film or don’t eat at all. Either way, you’ll feel the same when the credits roll. The fighting scenes and supernatural angle of this film makes this a must see. But avoid busting this film out on a date.

“Slither.” With enough slime and alien leeches to fill the local swimming pool, the gore in this movie is equal parts comedic, gut wrenching and over the top. As the local population comes under the influence of their new alien overlord, the action and the grossness kick it up in notches until you start mini-puking in your brain. That’s not to say it isn’t funny and worth a watch or two though, as the performances are entertaining and the otherworldly malevolence isn’t stilted or overpowering. The road kill cuisine is a special kind of scene, so be extra careful when the incubator for the aliens takes a fool break.

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