6 Anne Rice Movies That Prove Why She Is The Queen Of The Damned

Thursday, March 22 by Gregory Wakeman


Anne Rice has established herself as the number one selling American writer of gothic and Christian literature. The New Orleans native has released a plethora of novels that range from metaphysical fiction to erotica and she has nearly sold 100 million copies of her books. Rice's marriage with poet Stan Rice lasted for 41 years until his death in 2002 making them one of the most formidable partnerships in American culture. Anne has had some partial success with her books in the medium of film and here is a list of 6 Anne Rice movies that prove why she is the queen of the damned.

"Rag and Bone."


Dean Cain made himself America's sweetheart with his portrayal as the original television version of Clark Kent in "The Adventures of Clark and Lois." Robert Patrick has also firmly established himself within American folklore with his performance in "Terminator 2." So imagine these duo as two police officers working together, should be heaven right? Well Anne Rice didn't think so, disowning the piece upon its release.

"Earth Angels."

Angel Time cover.jpg

Anne Rice's 2001 adaptation depicts the life of Maximillian, the devil's son. It is a good versus evil story that revolves around warring angels on earth however despite being filmed as a pilot the series wasn't picked up by the network.

"Interview with the Vampire."


Rice's most successful film adaptation starred Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Steven Rea and Brad Pitt and was directed by Neil Jordan to almost universal critical acclaim. Several Oscar nominations were granted to the film with the film depicting Louis', Brad Pitt, transformation into a vampire. The impressive cast list aren't half bad too.

"Queen of the Damned."


Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah star in this adaptation of Rice's novel which actually contains many of the books plot details. However the film was quickly overshadowed by the death of its leading lady and was only released six months after her death. It was also overshadowed by the fact that it wasn't very good, leaving critics and audiences underwhelmed.

"Exit to Eden."

exit to eden.jpg

Initially released under Rice's pen name of Anne Rambling in 1985, the film adaptation of her novel differed greatly from the book with new characters and additional storylines. The book is extremely racy and explores BSDM in romantic novel form. As disturbing as some of the other images in her vampire movies can be, nothing is as disturbing as the nude Rosie O'Donnell that makes an appearance in this movie. Truly, truly terrifying stuff.

"Christ the Lord : Out of Egypt."


Rice's novel looks at Jesus life aged 7 to 8 and she decided to write the novel after returning to the religion in 1998. A film has been touted for years with Chris Columbus being the latest name attached to the project. "The Passion" proved that Jesus can be box-office gold, so don't be surprised if Chris Columbus' 1492 production company finally puts it up on the big screen.

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