When it comes to planning a romantic date night, watching a movie at home is probably the last thing on most guys’ mind. But if you want to try and show your special lady friend that you’re truly interested in spending quality time with her, dinner and a movie might just be what the doctor ordered. But instead of reaching for your collection of “Star Wars” DVDs, try picking up one these 6 animated movies you should watch on date night.


“Lady and the Tramp”

Who would ever imagine that a love affair between two dogs could become one of the most beloved animated romance movies of all time? The folks at Walt Disney studios, that’s who! Even if you’ve never actually seen this classic Disney tale, you’ve probably at least seen the image of these two canines locking lips over a plate of spaghetti. But you’ll have to watch the rest of the movie to see how Tramp manages to seduce his female counterpart. Go all out and prepare a candlelit spaghetti dinner, and you’ll be assured of ending this date night with a sweet kiss goodnight.



Walt Disney does it again with this animated romance movie which tells the tale of a mistreated and overworked young girl who, with the help of her fairy godmother, rises from obscurity to win the heart of Prince Charming. But when Cinderella disappears into the night, the young Prince is left heartbroken and determined to find the mystery girl who captured his interest. What ensues is a search of every house in the kingdom until Price Charming and Cinderella are reunited, and able to live happily ever after. Pop this movie in on date night, and your lady might just assume you’re her Prince Charming.


“Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride”

It doesn’t have to be Disney to qualify as a good date night movie, as evidenced by this stop-motion love triangle between a boy, a girl, and a corpse! Only Tim Burton could think up such a fun twist for the classic love story, and in this case the result is one of the best animated romance movies in recent memory. Plan to watch this date night movie around Halloween, and you’ll be able to simultaneously celebrate the holiday and spend time with your girl.



If the date night you’re planning is going to be spent with a casual love interest, “Up” may not be the title to go with. On the other hand, if you’re already married or in a seriously committed relationship, the opening scene of this computer-animated movie will evoke some serious warm and fuzzy feelings. And the fact that the title character spends most of the movie trying to fulfill a promise he made to his late wife, only adds to the level of romance in this perfect date night movie.


“The Swan Princess”

As you might have guessed, this animated romance movie adds a twist to the classic “Swan Lake” story, but without the hallucinations, drug use, and sexual intrigue of the Natalie Portman version. What is included, is a beautiful young girl, an evil curse and the hope of breaking the curse by finding everlasting true love. If that kind of story doesn’t qualify as date night material, what does?


“Beauty and the Beast”

Tale as old as time … true as it can be … C’mon, admit it, you know the words. And if you don’t, your wife or girlfriend definitely will. The classic love tale has been told and retold in storybooks and theaters around the world, and for whatever reason it never seems to grow old or outdated. Building on the old adage that beauty doesn’t always reside on the outside, this Walt Disney classic and 1991 Best Picture nominee will forever be a safe bet for a successful date night.