Animal documentaries are unique in their ability to both educate and make grown men gush over the sight of a baby seal. The English presenter David Attenborough has become the godfather of animal documentaries with his gravely voice perfectly complimenting the stupendous footage that him and his camera crew collect from around the globe. Whether these documentaries involve tigers, whales, penguins or cats there are millions of viewers of all ages waiting to watch the way they live their lives. Here is a list of six animal documentaries that will make you say "awww."

"Arctic Tale."

Nanu and Seelu are a polar bear cub and a seal pup who between them struggle to survive the ever changing environmental conditions that are constantly threatening their habitat and the way they conduct their lives. Through these animals we are able to investigate several vital environmental issues which include the melting of the arctic ice, pollution and global warming. It'll make you feel guilty for using a can of deodorant.

"Born To Be Wild."

Rather than the care free motorcyclists that roamed the south of America on their Harley Davidson's, "Born To Be Wild" examines two orphanages. One in Borneo that cares for baby orangutans and the other in Kenya where elephants are raised. Sadly the do not get together to procreate a super breed on oranguphants. Shame.

"First Saturday in May."

Filmmaking brothers John and Brad Hennegan follow the trainers and handlers of six thoroughbred horses as they build up to the Kentucky Derby, which is known around the world as "the most exciting two minutes in sports." That claim is certainly debatable, but the "Sport of Kings" certainly has plenty of pomp. One of the horses is the wonderful Barbaro who would later die in tragic circumstances. Well, tragic as far as a horse is concerned, anyway.

"Grizzly Man."

Werner Herzog made his name as a charismatic and fiery director whose off set antics were as legendary as the films he produced. However with "Grizzly Man" the director is able to create a compelling documentary that depicts the lives of Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard who were killed by Alaskan bears in October 2003. It is tragic and compelling viewing, and it serves as a reminder that wild animals are exactly that. You know, "wild."

"The Last Lions."

This 2011 documentary is remarkable in its candid and unique footage of one lioness and her two baby cubs. Throughout we see the lioness fend off various animals that include others lions and wildlife who attempt to compete for their territory and harm her young. 

"March Of The Penguins."

It has been scientifically proven that Morgan Freeman makes any film 27% better than it is without him in it. One of the most well renowned documentaries of recent years depicts the harsh environment of Antarctica. We see the Emperor penguins build nests, find mates and endure several hardships throughout. They may look cute but those black and white bastards can go through a lot.