Did you get fooled by these four animal actors you didn't know were actually multiple animals? Most animal actors these days do not require extras because computers can take care of that, but these four animals are actors have multiple non-computer generated back-up plans. We begin with a dog-eat-dog world out there. 

  1. Once, twice, six times a Lassie. "Lassie Come-Home" by Eric Knight inspired MGM to unleash the beginning to six "Lassie" films by 1951 and twice that amount by 2005. Who could forget "Lassie" the television series? If you think Lassie was played by the same collie, you are barking up the wrong tree(s). Six different animal actors played the role of Lassie: Lassie Junior, Spook, Baby, Mire, Hey Hey, and Pal. The first active Lassie was Pal from 1943-1954, who sadly died four years later at age eighteen.

  2. "Mr. Ed" is a horse that talks of course. But how many horses was he? Two to be exact, with a stunt devil on the side. The show horse Bamboo Harvester (part Arabian) clip-clopped the chestnut gelding (first horse seen in the pilot) off track, putting Mr. Ed (the horse, of course, of course) on the map. A quarter-horse (Pumpkin) played Ed's stunt double. Viewers had the creator of "Francis the Talking Mule" to thank, since Arthur Lubin not only directed "Francis and the Talking Mule", Abbott and Costello films, "The Phantom of Opera", but also "Mr. Ed"l. 

  3. "Morris the Cat(s)". The world's most finicky cat is played by more than one picky actor with the purr-fect expectation. "Morris the Cat" is the advertising feline of 9 Lives. The first orange tom 9 Lives "ca-ctor" died in 1978, followed by two other cat actors. Now if there were four animal actors instead of three, 9 Lives would be closer to true. 

  4. Three reasons "Marley & Me" gets three wags. Sure, the 2008 film is sad. All dogs have their day. But the long life of Marley, the Golden Retriever, was more than just about the life of one dog-try three! Jonah joined the cast. Rudy and Clyde played the mid-to-late Marley. It was obvious from the start that there would be dog fillers in this pooch-tacular movie. Just another row of animal actors hanging on a string of stars.