6 Amnesia Movies You Can’t Remember The End Of

Wednesday, July 11 by Gregory Wakeman


Having amnesia must suck. Imagine it-you could have the greatest night of all time, fall in love with the most beautiful girl you have ever come across and have the rest of your life planned out to perfection. But then come the next morning, you are unable to remember a moment of it. Cinema has always looked to take advantage of these poor souls in favor of a great film, but which amnesia movies have made people actually believe that they've lost their memories? Here are six amnesia movies you can't remember the end of.



Christopher Nolan is now the king of Hollywood, having rebooted the "Batman" series and given the world "Inception", but he launched his career with this amnesia thriller starring Guy Pearce. It was critically lauded and told in such a unique fashion that it sent film scholars insane, as the narrative perfectly compliments the amnesia storyline. 

"The Long Kiss Goodnight"


Shane Black is one of the greatest film writers of all time, having scribed "Lethal Weapon" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", but "The Long Kiss Goodnight" is one of his most underrated films. Geena Davis is a teacher in Pennsylvania who doesn't remember that she is actually a CIA assassin-something you would surely cotton onto at some point.

"Total Recall"


Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be an actor, he was one of the hottest properties in Hollywood, and "Terminator", "Terminator 2" and "Predator" were some of his finest flicks. But his performance in "Total Recall" as Doug Quaid, a construction worker who is really a secret agent, is one of his best. He ends up trekking to Mars to find out why his memory was erased and gets into some scraps along the way.

"The Bourne Trilogy"


Matt Damon's efforts brought amnesia action into the mainstream. Jason Bourne kicks plenty of ass in order to find out what happened to him in his past. Over the course of the three films, he finds out more and more information about his previous endeavors, making the films exciting and original throughout.

"50 First Dates"

drew barrymore adam sandler.jpg

Adam Sandler has never been the subtlest actor or writer, so you wouldn't expect him to handle the sensitive subject of amnesia so carefully. But "50 First Dates" proves to actually be quite a sensitive and emotional comedy that sees Sandler fall in love with Drew Barrymore's character all over again every day. 

"Mulholland Drive"


Um, David Lynch can be quite weird, can't he? You can analyze his films in all different ways, but most people are pretty sure that this 2001 psychological thriller has an amnesia storyline filtering through it. Or maybe it doesn't? Either way, all that most people remember about "Mulholland Drive" is Naomi Watts and Laura Harring getting it on, which is just fine.

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