6 American TV Shows That China Could Never Consider ‘Overly Entertaining’

Thursday, October 27 by

Teen Wolf

On the surface, a story about a boy transforming into a wolf sounds VERY entertaining, but don’t be fooled. I’m sure you’ve heard of MTV. It used to be what made America cooler than every country, but now it’s a perfect representation of why everyone hates us. Anyway, there was this movie about a teenage boy who turns into a wolf. It wasn’t as cool as it sounds, but it was pretty funny, and there was this guy named Chubbs who was awesome and he was fat and his name was Chubbs. I don’t think that will translate, but it’s awesome, trust me.

Anyway, 25 years later, MTV made a new version of the show, and it’s not really funny, and it’s not very violent. It’s mostly just “sexy,” but in a stupid way. I’m sure you have stupid sexy people in China. I think Bai Ling is one of them.

The Walking Dead

OK. This was supposed to be a pretty good show. It’s about zombies, which are awesome in pretty much every culture. There’s even a Korean kid on the show named Glenn. Sorry. That was presumptuous of me. I shouldn’t think that just because someone shares a continent with you that you like them. Don’t get me started on Mexico.

Anyway, this show has really cool zombies and attacks and some really great production values. It would take something really huge to make this show not-entertaining. That’s how good this show is. Well, once the characters start talking, it’s awwwwful. There’s this one guy, T-Dog, who’s basically just “a black guy.” He’s got no depth, they just keep bouncing these lazy racial issues off of him and pass it off for dialogue.

I’m pretty sure that we would do you a favor by not translating this one for you. The zombies are cool, but if we sent writing this wooden and characters this flat over to you, it would be like that spy plane thing all over again.

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