6 American TV Shows That China Could Never Consider ‘Overly Entertaining’

Thursday, October 27 by

Cupcake Wars

Do you guys have cupcakes in China? We have them over here. Oh, how we have them! Ten years ago, cupcakes weren’t a really big deal, but then this place called Sprinkes appeared on a show called Sex and the City (I don’t really feel like explaining either phenomenon right now) and all of a sudden, there were like a thousand TV shows about cake.

Now, a name like Cupcake Wars sounds entertaining, right? You might be wondering if Cupcake Wars means that the cupcakes are used as weapons between feuding parties or if it means that two parties fight for the claim to the losing party’s cupcakes.

It’s neither. These guys just bake cupcakes, every week. There’s some sort of contest, but no one in America cares who wins, so I really doubt you guys will. This is what your single, 40-year-old receptionists will watch with their cats. You guys have receptionists, don’t you?

Fairly Legal

I’m sure there are many, many American legal dramas that you would not find entertaining, but this one is the stupidest one we have. No one knows what it’s about because no one has actually seen it. It’s name is a pun that references sleeping with very young girls, but for some reason, no one here seems to mind that.

My research says that this show is about a woman named Kate who is sort of pretty and used to be a lawyer, but decided to become an arbitrator. Then her father died and she had to get used to that, but she kept being an arbitrator.

That’s it. That’s the show. I bored myself writing that one sentence. Imagine how 22 episodes of that sounds. She has dark hair, which also probably won’t capture your attention because all 1.2 billion of you guys have dark hair.

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