A bullwhip is nice but a first aid kit is nicer in these 6 adventurer movies that went terribly wrong. When “X” marks the spot be prepared for plenty of bipedal monsters in your quest for fame and fortune. Brush up on your CPR and dirty fighting skills before you take the plunge into your first treasure hunt.

Indiana Jones, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

Nothing can screw up an adventure more than having your father critiquing your every move. That is until “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” has a father doing that as well as getting intimate with the same woman Indiana Jones was after. It’s only after the puking stops that you can enjoy the back and forth between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, which makes up for the terrifying revelation of the elder Jones. The fireplace secret entrance scene is slapstick humor perfection.

Rick O’Connell, “The Mummy”

Starting out strong with the discovery of a map that leads to a lost city, presumably abounding with treasure this adventurer movie goes wrong when an incantation from the Book of the Dead is read. Soon the hero is under siege by a mummy who doesn’t just want him dead but wants Rick’s love interest (Rachel Weisz) for his own nefarious needs. With a great shootout between Rick, an American group of treasure seekers and assassins sent to deter them both on the boat to Hamunaptra, “The Mummy” provides a ton of action and adventure from a plethora of really bad day type situations.

Asian Hawk, “Operation Condor”.

Few things make an adventurer’s heart beat faster than some lost Nazi gold. Predictably some up for grabs loot means there are other interested parties out there who aren’t too concerned with the good guy’s staying above ground. “Operation Condor” is an adventurer movie that starts out with the promise of lucre but then goes horribly wrong as that lucre attracts attention from all the wrong places.  The long fight scene at the hotel with a towel clad Ada and a gun happy Elsa is a Jackie Chan classic with terrific choreography and humor.

The Goonies, “The Goonies”

A group of friends about to be broken up by the machinations of an evil country club find a treasure map that could be the solution to saving their friendship and the adventure kicks into overdrive in “The Goonies”. Treasure isn’t supposed to come easy, but these kids get a bad beating from the misadventure stick when they go up against the miscreant filled Fratelli family. A matriarch that makes most third world dictators look as threatening as stamp collectors leads this family with a voice like a rock polisher. Chunk’s escape that turns into recapture and the look on his face as he realizes his would be savior is really a Fratelli is priceless.

Captain America, “Captain America: The First Avenger”

Captain America becomes the first super soldier for America, getting to serve during World War II as he battles it out with The Red Skull, the original super soldier.  This seems to be a bright future but instead Red Skull’s plans end up with him losing his best friend and getting buried in ice. Comic book fans will love seeing Cap actually bounce his shield off baddies during his solo assault on Red Skull’s compound. “Captain America: The First Avenger” goes terribly wrong as getting thawed out sixty odd years later means Captain America will use enough inadvertent racist slang to put him in court for years.

Korben Dallas, “The Fifth Element”.

As a cab driver, Korben Dallas has all the excitement he needs from driving violations alone. Then into his cab, straight from the heavens, via a ledge comes Leeloo, the universe’s only weapon against a world destroying evil and the adventure kicks off. This adventurer movie goes wrong when saving the universe draws the ire of mercenary aliens out to send Leeloo back into the pieces she came from. Leeloo’s fight scene aboard the Fhloston Paradise cruise ship is science fiction action at its best. “The Fifth Element” might go wrong for the adventurers but it’s perfect for the audience.