It's always an ordeal to select a movie for you and your loved one to settle down and watch together. There's a long list of reasons why you don't want to watch their selection and then several other excuses why she can't view yours. It's all very frustrating. But there is a genre where you can put your differences aside and each take something very different from the plot as it develops. Here are the greatest adventure romance movies that both men and women will love.

"Princess Bride"

Peter Falk's delightful story to his sick grandson is wonderful and romantic and courageous in almost every detail. Westley's longing for Buttercup sees him travel across miles of sea and land to save her, and the movie possesses maybe the greatest script ever written.

"Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Not only is Harrison Ford at his impeccable best in the first installment of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' masterpiece but he gallavants across the globe in his quest for the ark of the covenant. Along the way he even finds time to fall in love with his mentors daughter too.

"Romancing the Stone"

The quintessential romantic action adventure comedy hybrid sees Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito at the height of their powers, in the '80s of course. Set in the jungle Turner embarks on a impressive treasure hunt and decides to pick Douglas' rugged charm over DeVito's rotund annoyance. Who can blame her?

"Casino Royale"

James Bond, probably the biggest player in cinematic history. There aren't too many women that can resist his enviable charms and Casino Royale looks to show us where it all began. Daniel Craig's Bond falls in love though but ultimately gets his heart broken by Eva Green' Vera Lynd leading him to a life of various lovers and conquests. Not too shabby.

"King Kong (2005)"

Not everyone can say that they've fallen in love with a gigantic gorilla and lived to tell the tale, but Naomi Watts' Ann Darrow can. Their special relationship grows deeper and deeper as they transport the giant ape from Skull Island to New York. Let's just be happy that they never consummated it. That would have been gruesome.

"The Empire Strikes Back"

Ford again! Well, this is the handsome actor in his pomp, turning into the greatest leading man of all time and all because of the millennium falcon, a carpet for a sidekick and having the coolest name in cinema, Hans Solo. Empire is epic, grandiose cinema and the best of the saga with Leia and Hans kiss being the ultimate moment.