6 Actors Who Played God

Thursday, December 22 by Sylvia Cochran

Ferdy Mayne.

Ferdy Mayne god.jpg

Does God ever make an appearance in an independent horror movie? In the 1985 film “Night Train to Terror,” Ferdy Mayne played the deity and squared off against Satan. Consisting of three vignettes, the movie has since become one of the quintessential horror cult classics. This portrayal of the supreme being is devoid of overly religious feelings.

James Garner.

James Garner god.jpg

Granted, it is only his voice that gives life to the Lord in the 2000 animated sitcom “God, the Devil and Bob.” Then again, Garner is another one of the actors who played God, who managed to put humanity, humor and even a bit of slapstick into the role. After all, it takes a good bit of humor to voice a beer-drinking host of hosts, who also socially hangs out with the arch nemesis.

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