There are six actors who played God in an unforgettable way. Portraying the supreme deity is never easy, but these movie greats managed to imbue the character with quirks and personality for a memorable big screen—or stage—experience.

Charlton Heston.

Of all the actors who played God, Heston only presumed to voice the deity. In the 1956 epic “The Ten Commandments,” the actor portrayed Moses. He also voiced God as He spoke to Moses from the burning bush. His portrayal is somber, measured and respectful.

George Burns.

Tackling the Lord from a humanistic and humorous angle in the 1977 rendition of “Oh, God!” comedian George Burns added kindness and authenticity to the role. Weaving in a bit of theology, Burns’ portrayal of God is famous for the line: “If it please (sic) the court, and even if it doesn't please the court, I'm God.” Audiences took to the likable old man portraying a deity everyone could love.

Ferdy Mayne.

Does God ever make an appearance in an independent horror movie? In the 1985 film “Night Train to Terror,” Ferdy Mayne played the deity and squared off against Satan. Consisting of three vignettes, the movie has since become one of the quintessential horror cult classics. This portrayal of the supreme being is devoid of overly religious feelings.

James Garner.

Granted, it is only his voice that gives life to the Lord in the 2000 animated sitcom “God, the Devil and Bob.” Then again, Garner is another one of the actors who played God, who managed to put humanity, humor and even a bit of slapstick into the role. After all, it takes a good bit of humor to voice a beer-drinking host of hosts, who also socially hangs out with the arch nemesis.

Morgan Freeman.

The actors who played God do not usually get a couple of shots at the role. Freeman is an exception. In 2003 he set straight Jim Carrey’s character in “Bruce Almighty.” Turning a smug television field reporter into a believer, Freeman highlights the power of the deity. He reprises the role in the 2007 movie “Evan Almighty.” In this setting, the deity answers a politician’s prayer to change the world—literally. God definitely has a sense of humor—or so Freeman will have you believe.

Jim Doyle.

Actors who played God cannot shy away from song. Doyle played the Lord in the 2003 production of “Jerry Springer: The Opera.” This irreverent musical is not for everyone’s taste, and viewers should be careful to preview the show before inviting the family to join them. There are dancing devils, cursing angels and other holy figures baring all in the typical TV show format made famous by Springer.