6 Actors (And Jim Carrey) Who Played Sleazy Lawyers To Perfection

Tuesday, November 22 by

Richard Gere – Primal Fear

As a fame-whore criminal defense attorney, Gere’s character in Primal Fear seems to be so cool and in control…until he realizes that he was the one getting played the whole time. It takes an event this monumental to shake him out of his sleazeball comfort zone.

Gere’s Martin Vail doesn’t appear to be a sleazy lawyer. In fact, he oozes class. From his understated and elegant wardrobe to his classic Mercedes, his true character belies his appearance, much as his client’s does.

Matthew McConaughey – The Lincoln Lawyer

McConaughey has played “sleaze” in Dazed and Confused and “lawyer” in A Time to Kill, so it wasn’t hard to envision him putting both hands together and playing a sleazy lawyer in this year’s The Lincoln Lawyer. He plays Mick Haller, a disreputable lawyer who takes on disreputable clients for the sole purpose of financial gain. However, Haller seems to have a semblance of a conscience deep down, but finding a balance between the two is made even more difficult when he takes on a case for which his motivations are split evenly between altruism and revenge.

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