It's an established scientific fact that men love action, while women love romance. So what type of movie could ever bring these two disparate groups together? The action-romance, of course! Here are six of the best action-romances, full of sword fights, kissing, kung-fu chops, kissing, gunplay, more kissing, and still more kissing.


"The Adventures of Robin Hood"

One key subgenre under the umbrella of "action-romance" is the swashbuckler, and this version of the "Robin Hood" legend starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland is arguably the greatest swashbuckler ever made. The amazing stunts, killer swordfights, and sweet nothings between Errol and Olivia are all here.


"North By Northwest"

Cary Grant is a Madison Avenue advertising executive (fans of "Mad Men" take note) who gets mistaken for a spy and is chased across-country by both enemy spies and the police after he's framed for murdering a politician in the United Nations building. Along the way, he falls in love with Eva Marie Saint, who, let's say it together, isn't what she seems. The suspense, action, and romance come in perfectly calibrated measures thanks to director Alfred Hitchcock, and James Mason is surely one of the greatest movie bad guys of all time.


"Rio Bravo" 

Speaking of masterful directors, here's Howard Hawks, who always had a knack for combining the genres of action and romance. On the action side, there's John Wayne, Dean Martin, and a handful of nasty bad guys. Filling in the romance angle is Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson, and John Wayne again. There's even an entire scene devoted to a quick musical number between Martin and Nelson, so yeah, this movie delivers the goods.



Known far and wide as "The King of Romance," Jean-Claude Van Damme tried something new in this science fiction romp and decided to be an action hero too. The story will appeal to both action-hounds and romantics: Jean-Claude is a "timecop" (it's what it sounds like) who loses his wife to an evil time-travel-abusing senator. But he gets to go back in time, save his wife, kill the bad guy, and get a nice family thing going. And speaking of action-romance, this movie has one of the weirdest sex scenes ever.


"Out of Sight"

How's this for a romantic caper premise: Jennifer Lopez is a Federal Marshall assigned to track down and arrest bank robber George Clooney. But since he's George Clooney, she's Jennifer Lopez, and this is a movie, they fall in love. Will she put her badge before her heart? Will he put his heart before his exploding dye pack? These are the questions of a razor-sharp thriller from Steven Soderbergh.


"Scott Pilgrim vs The World"

Relationships are tough, especially if you're not grown up yet. But the relationship of his dreams proves especially tough for young Scott Pilgrim, who has to do battle with his girlfriend Ramona's seven evil exes. And this isn't the real-world kind of battles, these are full-on kung-fu video game nightmares. The jury's still out if that makes it better or worse.