The fun of heroics is almost gone when it's your day job, but when it's sprung upon you there's that glorious risk of you messing it all up. With these 6 accidental heroes from the movies, heroism is offered up to them and they unknowingly grab for it.


Mr. Bean, "Bean"


The oblivious Mr. Bean gets sent off to America to protect the famous painting of Whistler's Mother. From the plane ride to his first steps on American soil, Mr. Bean manages to make enemies everywhere as his world of one slams into a world of millions. Eventually the painting, entrusted to Mr. Bean's fumbling hands, is destroyed and it's up to him to save the job of his new friend and curator of the Grierson Art Gallery, David. Bean's attempt at gun humor at the LAX makes current TSA complaints seem like a walk in the park.


The Aliens, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”


With their advanced technology and hive mind thinking, these aliens were able to comprehend that fans of the first three Indiana Jones movies would be hurting if this fourth film was allowed to exist. Perhaps they could’ve been more subtle, but the whole sucking everyone into another dimension did have the benefit of the potential elimination of everyone in one fell swoop. Watch the portal scene again and see the aliens as the accidental heroes who tried to save all fans of Indy from the damage that “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” was about to cause.


Rocco, "Boondock Saints"


A bumbling, foulmouthed walking target doesn’t often get the chance to step up and save his friends but in “Boondock Saints” Rocco makes the cut. A fairly lame sidekick by all respects, Rocco provides the impetus for the brothers McManus to take their vigilantism to a higher level, but he truly becomes the accidental hero when he joins them on their crusade knowing full well he has the combined physical prowess and mental fortitude of a raccoon strung out on Oreos and fortified wine. As they go after Vincenzo at the peep show, watch Rocco show off his desire to be a hero no matter how ridiculously outclassed he truly is.


Jay, "Dogma"


Not many hormone addled stoners can claim to have saved the entire universe from destruction but Jay does it with goofy style in “Dogma.” As the cast-out angels, Bartleby and Loki, strive to return to Heaven at all costs, Jay becomes an accidental hero as he picks up arms and goes up against the supernatural with nothing more than a cocksure attitude and some bullets. It’s not the world saving scene but when Jay takes the Cardinal’s golf club you have to think a little wrong was righted in the world at large.


Samwise, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"


A tiny foodie with hairy toes ends up going the distance for his friend and his world as the unassuming Samwise goes up against a powerful evil. In the middle of nowhere, in the dead center of Sauron’s stronghold on Middle Earth, Sam forgives Frodo’s dismissal and carries his gravely ill friend to the end of their quest and shows how strong compassion and friendship are when facing down corruption and malevolence. His antics in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” of freeing Frodo from the spider Shelob show this little guy’s true mettle.


Wall-E, "Wall-E"


While cleaning up good old planet Earth, Wall-E meets the girl robot of his dreams and chases after her into outer space on a mission of love in "Wall-E." Not only does he go after the plant that the G0-4 helper robot tried to blow up, but he willingly put his electronic life on the line for EVE, and unintentionally for the remainder of the human race. Born to organize the landfill that is Earth, Wall-E sets the accidental hero standard as he becomes courageous for romance and not to battle Orcs or killer aliens from space. Wall-E's intimate dance with EVE in space is the only reward that the little robot needs-and he even awakens some human romance as a bonus.