With the world gone to a figurative hell and the remaining living more apt to shoot you than give you a hug, you will find that laughter is the best medicine particularly since someone already raided the local CVS. Take multiple shots of humor penicillin and pray that it’s just a rash when you take on these five zombie comedies that laugh at the apocalypse.


Even with a touching story about a dog that was really about a kid but you really wished it had stayed about a dog, “Zombieland” pumps out as many laughs as it does bullets at the end of the world via zombie apocalypse. Humanity might be deeply screwed but there’s still time for romance, food lust, and satisfying serious bloodlust in this zombie comedy. The reveal of the owner of the mansion the quartet takes over is one of the best scenes in the flick.

“Shaun of the Dead”.

Two friends trapped in adolescence like prehistoric scary bugs in comfortable amber, saunter into the zombie apocalypse, which leads to a bit of growing up and a lorry sized amount of comedy. A perfect guy wants girl back story whose backdrop is a zombie plague, “Shaun of the Dead” knocks out love, friendship and maturation with a cricket bat. The group’s zombie acting scene as they make their way to the pub is a great public service announcement for your future survival.

“Army of Darkness”

The words “Bruce Campbell” should be considered a sentence all on its own, as it conveys comedy, as well as a pervading sense of incoming awesomeness to an audience. In “Army of Darkness”, Bruce Campbell’s character Ash makes friends through creating enough undead enemies that eventually the living have to side with him whether they like it or not. There’s plenty of slapstick as Ash bumbles and mumbles his way to obtaining the true Necronomicon, simultaneously opening a path to victory and destruction.


Leave it up to a corporation to find the bright side, and the revenue stream, that comes from the emergence of zombies into society. A fun take on the “boy and his dog” story, “Fido” is amusingly bizarre as well as earnest. Anyone who’s fought off the addiction to nicotine will see the brilliance behind the scene that shows that smoking quells murderous, cannibalistic intentions.

“Dance of the Dead”.

Prom meets zombie rising as a science fiction club takes up arms to show that true nerd rage can save humanity without falling prey to inhalers or collectible card games. “Dance of the Dead” takes itself seriously enough to create characters and personalities that mesh with the high school in your head but not rigidly enough to hurt the comedy. The detention scene that comes out of the frog dissection is a nice example of the little things that flesh out and foreshadow the future heroes of the film.