5 Wrestling Movies Less Sad Than The Wrestler

Friday, January 13 by Stu Moody

Beyond the Mat.”

Beyond the Mat.jpg

This documentary did pretty well during its late-’90s release, blending together stories about wrestlers at various points in their careers. Wrestling legend Mick Foley is profiled, and his story is largely a happy one, concussions aside. Jake Roberts’ story is less happy. Actually, it’s pretty pathetic, and is only a few steps short of being the real story behind “The Wrestler.” But other moments in the film, with Terry Funk and Mike Modest, are pretty light, elevating this movie above being another sad wrestling story.

“Ready 2 Rumble.”

Ready 2 Rumble oliver platt.jpg

David Arquette delivers a tour-de-force performance as a septic truck driver who loves wrestling. Oliver Platt, who apparently needed the money, stars as a fallen wrestler who was screwed over by a wrestling promoter, and David Arquette is on a quest to get him back to the big time to avenge himself. Or something. It doesn’t really matter because the movie is garbage, but at least it doesn’t take itself too serious. This movie later led to a World Title win for David Arquette. Seriously.

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