5 Wrestling Movies Less Sad Than The Wrestler

Friday, January 13 by Stu Moody

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<p>Mickey <span data-scayt_word=Rourke’s performance in “The Wrestler” was heart-wrenching in its honest portrayal of a fallen star who can’t come to to terms with his meager existence. But, the world of pro wrestling isn’t all drugs and depression and broken relationships. It can be remarkably lighthearted, or it can be incredibly weird. Sometimes, very often in fact, it can be so bad, that it’s actually good. Take a look at these five wrestling movies that are less sad than “The Wrestler” in the hopes that they will lift your movie-going spirits.

“Backyard Dogs.”

Backyard Dogs.jpg

In the crazy world of bar room pro wrestling, nothing is certain. We’ve all been in a bar, wandered into the back room, and watched dudes bust out pile drivers and top-rope elbows for reals, right? See, in “Backyard Dogs,” this stuff is going on for real, and people in the bars are betting on the action. The older brother from “Home Improvement” seeks fame and fortune by immersing himself in this vicious world of wrestling, wherein he must fight for his life by using Irish Whips and a crazy nickname, much like John Wayne before him.

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