James Bond has been entertaining movie fans for almost half a century, but the 5 worst Bond movies don't do much to add to that legacy. In the beginning, James Bond as played by Sean Connery was an icon of cool, but in the 5 worst Bond movies he is a goofy jokester less threatening than the Austin Powers parodies of his antics. Here they are, the 5 worst Bond movies ever made.

  1. "Moonraker." Trying to capitalize on the space craze caused by 1977's "Star Wars," Moonraker turns what begins as a decent Roger Moore Bond entry into the ultimate example of the 5 worst Bond movies. An electrifying stunt, jumping from a plane and fighting in mid-air, opens the film, and Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead makes an excellent Bond girl, but then they follow villain Hugo Drax into space for silly, badly shot space battles with poor special effects and turn the villainous Jaws (Richard Kiel) into a cute and cuddly good guy. This is by far the worst Bond movie, an atrocity on film.

  2. "The World is Not Enough." The 5 worst Bond movies all feature terrible villains, and in this case it's Robert Carlyle, who potentially could have been a great super-villain (take a look at his turn in "Trainspotting" to see the potential), who is instead turned into an overly sensitive man who "cannot feel pain or joy." The lame villain is one of many lame touches in this entry on the worst Bond movies list, not to mention Denise Richards playing a brilliant scientist named Christmas Jones, who "comes more than once a year."

  3. "Licence to Kill." In an attempt to make Bond more gritty and relevant, this Timothy Dalton entry had pal Felix Leiter get his legs bitten off by the shark of a villain very obviously based on Manuel Noriega. This film lose the spirit of what Bond is about, though, and comes in within the 5 worst Bond movies of all time.

  4. "Die Another Day." This film has many faults, but the biggest one is trying to create a spinoff character in Halle Berry's American spy Jinx Johnson. Though her introductory scene, hearkening back to Ursula Andress emerging in a sexy bikini in "Dr. No," is impressive, the rest of the film is not, making this lesser entry a perfect example of what's wrong with the worst Bond movies; it's too long, it's boring in stretches, it's too goofy, and it's not fun.

  5. "Tomorrow Never Dies." The final of our 5 worst Bond movies is ponderous and boring and wastes its two female co-stars, the sexy Teri Hatcher and the Hong Kong martial arts superstar Michelle Yeoh, instead spending way too much time with the lame villain, played by Jonathan Pryce. "Tomorrow Never Dies" and this long, terrible movie never ends.

-Travis Petersen