When it is outrageously hot outside, let your mind escape through a movie that takes place amidst the treacherous or bitter cold. This mental feeling will balance out the hot, sticky feeling of summer and, hopefully, help you to feel cooler.

"The Shining."

Stephen King's epic horror novel was adapted by Stanley Kubrick into a film that many consider to be one of the scariest of all time. It takes place in a hotel in the mountains in the dead of winter, where Jack Nicholson's character goes crazy and tries to murder his family. The final act takes place with a blizzard raging outside.

"Groundhog Day."

This hilarious comedy starring Bill Murray takes place in a small Pennsylvania town where the groundhog lives in early February, as that is where the groundhog is supposed to come out, see his shadow and decide if there is going to be another six months of winter or not. However, Bill Murray's character ends up living the same day over and over again, waking up the same way every time.


This Coen Brother's classic takes place in Fargo, North Dakota during the dead of a brutal winter in the Northern plains of the United States. Considering this is a true crime story about the greed of a car salesman willing to risk his own wife's safety, it doesn't get much colder. At least there is a bit of humor throughout.

"Hot Tub Time Machine."

A comedy based around a ridiculous premise send four guys back in time to the '80s at a ski resort where they used to go when they were younger. A fun, hilarious spoof that will make you laugh at the snowy ski world and forget about the heat outside.

"The Thing."

A horror film that takes place in Antarctica is pretty cold to begin with, but when you see the gore in the original version of this Carpenter film, your blood will run even colder. Might be good to watch this during the heat of the day, so that if you do get scared, you can just walk outside and remember it's just a movie.