Werewolf myths have traveled from the old world to the new, spawning numerous stories, book and horror movies. Rivaling vampires for top tier movie monster status, this fright film genre never goes completely out of style. Some are serious and others silly, everything on this list is sure to give you bang for your bite.

“Ginger Snaps” (2000)

“Ginger,” the title character, is attacked by the local beast one night, while on her monthly blood flow. The girl being this wet-between-the-legs is too much for the beast to ignore and so it bites but doesn’t kill her. Subsequently, Ginger, grows hair, a tail, menstruates more heavily and eventually turns into a werewolf. The parallels between pubescent change and morphing from human to animal are clear in this howl of a movie.

“The Howling” (1981)

Dee Wallace Stone, better known as Elliot’s mom from E.T., encounters more than a few big bad creatures in this werewolf movie to howl at. A week at a restful retreat turns into anything but - not only does her husband cheat on her with a sultry resident, but gets bitten and becomes a werewolf himself. Turns out all the residents at the retreat are werewolves. We get an up close and personal look at the transformation process as vampire Eddie Quist snarls, contorts, twitches, and turns into a two-legged wolf practically right before our eyes.

“American Werewolf in London” (1981)

Two American tourists get attacked by a beast while walking through the English countryside. One of them dies and the other becomes—guess what— a werewolf.  David, the newborn lycanthrope, is visited throughout the movie by his dead friend in what at first seem like dreams. The absurdities of these dreams include his family being butchered by Nazi werewolves and meeting all of his victims in a movie theater. The horror-humor mash-up is something to howl at in this '80s horror classic, which also features a full frontal human to wolf transformation.

“Wolfen” (1981)

Are they very smart wolves or werewolves is the question in this movie. The seriousness with which this werewolf film takes itself is something to howl at. Scientific and spiritual examinations of the essence of Wolfness abound without barely ever showing a wolf. We do get to see the result of the attacks, but still the question begs... By what or whom? Ancient canid beast, or homo-canidae, AKA werewolf?

“The Wolfman” (2010)

Benecio del Toro practically looks like a wolf in real life without any special makeup. Add movie makeup magician, Rick Baker’s academy award quality FX and you get something truly terrifying. Gothic romance and big Hollywood gore give the audience something to howl at in this werewolf movie.