If you’re going to Thailand, don’t watch documentaries on coconut-related deaths or elephants gone wild specials; the same applies for any other travel destination. Embrace the credo "ignorance is bliss" and avoid these five voodoo movies you shouldn’t watch before traveling to Haiti.

“The Skeleton Key”

For a movie with Kate Hudson, there’s actually no goofy romance to offset the beautifully spooky ambience of “The Skeleton Key.” With a malaise that settles ever-so-gently over the house and its occupants as time progresses, you get wrapped up tighter within the web of spells being woven until you realize you’re trapped and it's too late to do anything. Caroline (Hudson) seeking to free Ben (John Hurt) from his superstitions and possibly psychosomatic stroke side effects by using magic is a tense scene of subterfuge and fright from beginning to end.


“The Serpent and the Rainbow”

Voodoo, Haiti and Bill Pullman get mixed in a cinematic salad spinner and what comes out isn’t just good for you but tastes good as well. On the quest for those big pharma bucks, Dennis Alan goes to Haiti and gets a metric ton of voodoo hell rained down on him. Dargent’s (Zakes Mokae) teasing of the impending torture he’s about to inflict as he plays with the unlit blowtorch across Alan’s face is a genuinely frightening sadistic scene in that should make you reconsider Canada as a glorious vacation spot instead of Haiti.

“Tales from the Crypt: Ritual”

More films need to be made about cults that target people and then help them with landscaping projects, walking the dog or building an addition to the house. Until then, the world shall have to get by on murderous cults like the one in “Tales from the Crypt: Ritual.” Mayhem, death, and a lot of candles and hallucinations make for something to avoid before winging your way to Haiti, but Tim Curry gives off the feel that he can easily add a star or two to your vacation rating system. If the melting and death by voodoo don’t convince you to stay away from vacationing in Haiti, there is a good chance you might actually die from the dueling piano and bass scene.

“Sugar Hill”

Funny, dark and over-the-top get crammed into “Sugar Hill" and outfitted with a top hat and a cane to make some serious voodoo-riffic goodness. You will have to forget about Haiti once you watch the pig feeding scene in this B-movie supernatural film that cozies up to blaxploitation like puppies in the same litter. Sugar (Marki Bey), the heroine, she teaches the evil white men that you don't go around killing her boyfriend unless you want plenty of voodoo and zombies crammed down your throat. A flick that will make you feel like you’re part of an inside joke is something special and that’s what you’ll get from this amusing tale of revenge, along with a lesson in fashion.

“Voodoo Moon”

Definitely a movie to avoid before landing in Haiti, “Voodoo Moon” will leave you overconfident about your abilities to wreck shop on zombies and voodoo spells. If the three goofy heroes of the movie can do it, why can’t you? Siblings go after the demonic force that laid waste to their hometown while running parallel to a couple of lone wolf heroes out to accomplish the same goals and general chaos ensues. Quite possibly the best combination of terrible special effects and musical score, check out the possessed priest flashback scene but avoid drinking during it for the predestined spit take effect it will have on you.