What better way to spend Valentine's Day than snuggling up with the special someone in your life and "catching a flick," as the kids are always putting it in between skateboard tricks? These five Valentine's Day movies capture the spirit of the holiday in one way or another, and should make a good viewing option for you and your better half.

"Some Like It Hot"

Other than chocolate and stuffed animals, Valentine's Day is also famous as the date of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, in which several gangsters were lined up against a wall and mowed down by machine guns. This incident serves as the catalyst for the plot of "Some Like It Hot"-which incidentally is a delightful romantic comedy, not a gritty gangster movie. But it's got something for everybody: Romance, jokes, cross-dressing, and yeah, a little gangster action. The perfect couple's movie!

"No Strings Attached"

The phenomenon of the Valentine's Day date is explored in this romantic comedy, in which two friends try to have a sexual relationship without any of the jealous or affection that comes in a traditional relationship. This ill-fated experiment comes to a head during a date on Valentine's Day, as Natalie Portman's fear of commitment gets in the way of her feelings for Ashton Kutcher. Will these two crazy kids find a way to make it work and live happily ever after? Yes.

"My Bloody Valentine"

Both the original slasher classic and its recent remake feature a killer who stalks celebrants of Valentine's Day and kills them in a bloody fashion. If you and your Valentine's Day movie date are a bit too off-beat for Kutcher and Portman, you could try to watch this movie together instead. Who doesn't love a few bloody killings to go with those big red balloons and boxes of Valentine's Day chocolate?

"Raising Cain"

Then again, you might be too sophisticated for a Valentine's Day hack-em-up slasher. Why not a sophisticated thriller from Brian De Palma? Big chunks of the plot play out on Valentine's Day, including a harrowing scene in which John Lithgow's adulterous wife tries to retrieve a Valentine's Day present for her "on the side" guy that she gave to her husband instead. Fun!

"Valentine's Day"

But maybe you just want to shut off your brain and be happy for Valentine's Day (or maybe your girlfriend isn't into De Palma). In this case, you could probably do worse than Garry Marshall's sprawling film, billed as "the ultimate romantic comedy." Featuring a cast with too many stars to name here, it has enough sweet comedy, meet-cutes, and happy endings for any Valentine's Day couple.