5 Unsettling True Crime Movies

Sunday, March 18 by Loretta Arnold

10 Best Time Crimes Movies


True crime movies can be vicious, heartless, cold and wicked. These five true crime movies can make a viewer appreciate their life. Victims come and victims go, but a true crime always remains of high interest when it comes to the evidence. If you can stomach watching the killing stages of the first flick on this list of five unsettling true crimes then you can watch anything!



John Bunting was the Jeffrey Dahmer of Snowtown. Preying on alleged homosexuals or pedophiles then collecting the dead's welfare checks motivates these murders. Victims include Clinton Trezise (killed by shovel), Ray Davies, Michael Gardiner, Thomas Trevilyan (assisted "suicide"), Gavin Porter, Troy Youde, Frederick Brooks, Gary O'Dwyer (allegedly suffered electric shock), Elizabeth Haydon (disappearance led police to eight dead bodies), David Johnson (lured, killed, fried and eaten), and Suzanne Allen (not enough evidence to convict Bunting for her murder). As seen in "Snowtown", there were assists. This Australian true crime film will turn your stomach. You can bet each body part on it! The body parts were stuffed in barrels, containers and placed in a bank vault.

"Blue Eyed Butcher"


Susan Wright stabs mister wrong one hundred and ninety three times. The impetus? Susan's boyfriend asks her to marry him after they find out that she is pregnant. But there's only one problem. Her man forms a habit to abuse her. He awakens her inner killer. She butchers him in bed. However, she can't believe that he is dead. She buries him and stands by the pile of dirt all night long to assure confirmation. Eventually Susan Wright contacts her mother and tells her that she murdered her husband, Jeff Wright. Susan turns to an attorney. Spoiler alert! In the end, she is found guilty.



"Obsessed" star Jenna Elfman portrays a woman with a friend guiding her every move towards criminal behavior in order to live out a fantasy through obsession. Diane Schaefer has a serious crush on Dr. Murray Brennan. But Brennan has no idea that they slept together inside of Diane's mind. The obsession goes from an imaginary affair to breaking and entering then a series of harassment (even towards the judge). Toss Brennan's wife into the picture, a courtroom "exposure", and the fact that Diane's friend never even existed in the first place and it is Lifetime television's best! In the end, Diane finds a new doctor to obsess over-the prison doctor.

"The Two Mr. Kissels"


Wealth, murder, mayhem, secrets, thievery, drugs, you name it, the Kissel brothers were born for real estate and Wall Street. Robert Kissel juggled his business better than his marriage. His wife, Nancy, had an affair, killed Robert by beat down, and will spend her life in a Korean prison. Andrew Kissel forged names and numbers for quick cash. Hooked on cocaine and parties, Andrew was off the hook! But the true crime mystery comes at the hands of Andrew's death. How can a man commit suicide with a knife in the back? By signing a life insurance policy and having someone else kill him. Andrew's driver, Juan Castillo, was the last one to see Kissel alive according to authorities. Or was he? Well played, John Stamos, well played!

"American Gangster"


"American Gangster" is an amazing true crime story of North Carolinian Frank Lucas turning into one of the most hidden gangster secrets of New York. When an investigator busts him, Lucas turns in the crooked cops. Lucas serves his time (with time of a lesser sentence) and is released back into the jungle years after incarceration. Denzel Washington plays a perfect Lucas, a character who doesn't always put the "me" in crime yet is selfish enough to transport drugs in coffins.

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