The following is a special report on the top five TV villains to fear. You may think that TV characters only live in the land of make believe, but are you really sure? Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that psychopath Red John from "The Mentalist" isn't hiding under your bed the moment you fall asleep? Be on the lookout for the following villains. 



Played by Zachary Quinto in "Heroes", Sylar is a serial killer known for hunting down superheroes. He steals their superpowers by devouring their brains and then uses these powers to kill more superheroes. Even if you're not a superhero yourself, you probably do not want to run into Sylar in a dark alley. If you do happen to run into him in a dark alley, don't bother calling the cops on this guy because it's no use. 


Mr. Burns

Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber burns is the not-so-lovable boss of the nuclear power plant in "The Simpsons". Mr. Burns acquired the plant after losing his biological weapons factory to hippies in the 1960s. He spends his time spying on power plant employees, consulting with a sinister league of human skeletons and bullying and bribing public officials. He is also armed with paramilitary forces and a dog named Crippler who was trained to attack hippies in his younger days. 



Actor Frank Silva played this evil spirit from "Twin Peaks" who possesses people to receive nourishment from their pain and anguish. Bob also turns his victims into murderers without their knowledge and signs "Robert" at every crime scene. Bob became a spirit when his serial killing partner, Mike, finally found religion and killed him. To properly defend yourself from possession, consider wearing protective gear such as an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. 


Sue Sylvester

Now this baddie is really one to watch out for as she could be disguised as a seemingly harmless employee of your school or workplace. The villainous cheerleading coach from "Glee" is known for scheming plots against the Spanish teacher, publicly promoting torture and generally acting like a drill sergeant. Sue's special forces background contributes to her cutthroat persona. If you see her at your children's school, consider a transfer, as she is quite dangerous. 


Azazel from "Supernatural"

Frederic Lehne plays this goat demon character with yellow eyes in the TV series, "Supernatural". Putting Freddie Krueger to shame, this TV villain claims his victims by means of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, possession and other powers. People can only identify him when his eyes are yellow, and he is immune to most types of exorcism and other common methods. Azazel sure is a TV villian to fear, as he could be possessing the bodies of your parents, boss, cat, secretary or janitor.