Nowadays, most vampire TV shows are full of sexy, brooding blood-suckers torn between good and evil. What's not to love? During the past decade more and more shows have sprung up about vampires. The show that portrays the closest picture to Dracula is definitely "True Blood". But Bill Compton and Eric Northman aren’t the only vampires on television.

Damon Salvatore

Bad boy Damon Salvatore from "The Vampire Diaries" is one of the most famous vampire heartthrobs on TV. He is constantly battling the evil in himself, cracking sarcastic jokes and having fun. In the first season his intentions seemed purely evil but were later revealed to be just his quest for love. Later on he matures and he gains some humanity. What makes us fall in love with him is despite his best efforts to look tough, his love for his family and friends always shines through.


Also from "The Vampire Diaries", Klaus is definitely one of the most evil vampires on TV. Klaus or Nicklaus is played by Joseph Morgan. He is power hungry, sadistic and selfish—everything you’d think a vampire to be. But what really makes him the most feared of the vampires is that he is an “original” vampire and a werewolf hybrid. He can compel other vampires to do what he says whereas other vampires can only compel humans. He can also turn into a werewolf anytime he wants. We won’t give out any spoilers but we don’t see Klaus giving in to the good side any time soon.


Before Angel or David Boreanaz had his own TV show, he was a main character in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".  He is a vampire with the curse of having a soul so he repents for his past sins. In the first season he stays quiet, occasionally warning Buffy of danger. Later he slowly develops into a love interest. In the second season Angel and Buffy have sex, his true moment of happiness which revokes his curse hence taking away his soul. He becomes his former sinful self and joins his old friends to torment Buffy.

Mick St. John

Mick St. John is played by Alex O'Loughlin in the show "Moonlight". He was a normal man turned into a vampire by his bride on his wedding night. At 85-years-old, Mick is one of the only vampires who do not hurt humans. He becomes a private investigator instead and tries to lead a normal life. Slowly it is revealed that Mick’s had a fight with his wife over a kidnapped girl. He set his house on fire, saving the young girl and letting his wife burn. The young girl comes back into his life as his forbidden love interest and his partner in solving crimes.

John Mitchell

Set in Bristol, England "Being Human" is not just a vampire show, but a show full of supernatural creatures. John Mitchell is our vampire in the midst of werewolves, ghosts and witches. Portrayed by hunky Aidan Turner, John is a vampire abstaining from human blood trying to be as normal as he possibly can. Spoiler Alert: In season 3 John becomes the leader of the vampire community in Bristol and tries to teach them to live like him, without harming others. However, the newest turned vampire in his community isn't as willing to conform as the others.